VForce Paintball Masks

The lightest, most comfortable and technically advanced goggle systems in the paintball industry. Special features include: Unparalleled Distortion-Free Optics, Dual Pane Thermal Lenses, Quick-Change Lens Systems and resilient durable construction giving players the vision for victory

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VForce Grill Paintball Masks

Used by professional and recreational players world wide the VForce Grill offers a tight, light and sleek look. The VForce Grill plain and simple is the top of the line mask system available today. With durable yet flexible materials and a top of the lens systems the Grill includes a number of bold innovations including a revolutionary foam-swap system. See clearly and hit the field in style with the VForce Grill Paintball Mask from Badlands!

VForce Profiler Paintball Masks

Famous and world class the Profiler offers the absolute maximum in peripheral vision along with 280º range of view. The VForce Profiler Paintball Mask is built for the competitive paintball player in mind. One of the most legendary mask systems available today, the VForce Profiler is used by pro and recreational players world wide!

VForce Armor Paintball Masks

The VForce Armor Paintball Mask is a great place for any new player to start. With solid protection and a durable design the VForce Armor Paintball Mask will help keep you safe and comfortable on the paintball field!