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VForce Profiler Paintball Mask - Black


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Safety: ASTM Certified - Paintball / Airsoft

Size: One Size Fits Most - Adjustable Strap

Lens: Anti-Fog Dual Pane Thermal - Clear

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VForce Paintball


Created from the fanatic intensity of top international competition, Profiler is the most legendary mask system available today.


  • Quick Change Lens -Super-fast lens interchangeability for service during time outs
  • Quick Change Strap - Close-contact posi-clip strap
  • Maximum Peripheral Vision - 280 of enhanced field of vision for unrestricted view of every angle
  • Hard Target Design - Low profile design enables super-tight play
  • Cutting Edge Optics - Industry leading ThermoCured AntiFog and AntiScratch lenses with unbeatable distortion-free optics
  • Customizable Lens - Adapt to any light condition with optional lenses available in Yellow, Smoke, Mirrored or Photo Chromatic tints.
    In-Play Convenience Features - FeatherWeight Comfort and Ultra-lightweight construction for easy movement
  • Pro Visor - Increased protection in sunny or rainy conditions
  • Includes: Silicone strap, visor, clear thermal lens.




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Excellent Woodsball/Senario Mask!

When compared to other popular brands of masks like Dye I4s, HK KLR, Empire E-Vents, and even the Vforce Grillz; the Vforce Profiler is exceptional at it's job.

It provides more face/surface protection than any half-face mask on the market. It's made from a flexible all rubber material and has a bit of a shock absorbent bounce when shot in the mask, unlike some hard plastic masks. It provides excellent ear protection as the material that covers the front of your face extends all the way to the side of your head. It provides a surprisingly wide field of vision, and allows you to use your peripheral vision to spot enemy movement from the corner of your eye.

It's common for regular players to take the lens out and clean them before and after a good game. On several occasions, I've struggled to put the lens back onto the mask, and even had to ask a friend to grab on the mask as I pulled the clip back and slide the end of the lens back into place. With the stock single-pane lens, it will fog like any single-pane lens does. Shed a few layers, breath downwards or through your nose, and it should prevent it from fogging. If you're in Canada, there isn't too much variety and options for the Profiler, like mask accessories, lenses, and colour schemes, but Badlands is slowly adding more and more to it's shelves.

It's ideally great for adult sized players as it's large enough frame covers all the key areas on your face and ears. Due to large frame size, it's bulky and not commonly used for speedball where the absolute minimal profile is an advantage. This is where the Grillz, I4, KLR, and E-Vents would excel. However it's soft foam lining ensures you're face is snug and comfortable for longer games like recball, woodsball, and scenarios. If you're looking to get into MilSim paintball, specifically the above mentioned games styles this mask the ideal for you.


      Great Mask

      Great mask, I would buy this for anybody.



          This is a very good mask for all skill levels, and game modes. This mask is a relatively big mask, which is great for people with bigger heads. The lens is very big, which provides a great field of view, and can fit any sort of glasses under them. The lens can be switched out with a mirror lens too, though i have had no experience in changing them. This mask is made with hard plastic and rubber. The foam on the inside is very comfortable and made with good quality foam, making it comfortable no matter how long you will be playing for.
          Overall, this mask is constructed with great quality, and will be a good decision for players with big heads, or glasses. I have yet to find a flaw with this mask.

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              VForce Profiler Paintball Mask - Black

              VForce Profiler Paintball Mask - Black

              Safety: ASTM Certified - Paintball / Airsoft

              Size: One Size Fits Most - Adjustable Strap

              Lens: Anti-Fog Dual Pane Thermal - Clear

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