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VForce Grill Paintball Mask Black


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Safety: ASTM Certified - Paintball / Airsoft

Size: One Size Fits Most - Adjustable Strap

Lens: Anti-Fog Dual Pane Thermal - Clear

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VForce Paintball


Tight, light and with a mean sleek look, VForce Grill simply is the top of the line mask system. It includes a number of bold innovations such as the revolutionary foam-swap system.

  • QuickChange Convenience Features
    • QuickChange ThermoCured Lens:
      Interchangeability is now easier than ever
    • QuickChange Strap:
      Close-contact posi-clip strap.
    • Silicone strap, visor, and carry bag
      For fresh, dry foam in a snap.
  • Sleek Spherical Lenses
    • Aggressive low-profile, sunglass-inspired 3D lens shape for unrestricted peripheral vision
  • HardTarget Design
    • Ultra low profile design to further reduce the target zone
  • Cutting Edge Optics
    • Industry leading ThermoCured AntiFog and AntiScratch lenses with unbeatable distortion-free optics
  • Customizable Lens
    • Adapt to any light condition with optional lenses available in Yellow, Smoke, Mirrored or Photo Chromatic tints.
  • Maximum Bounce
    • Full-Flex ProGrill - center face soft rubber area to maximize bounce factor
  • In-Play Convenience Features
    • FeatherWeight Comfort:
      Ultra-lightweight design for unrestricted movement
    • Detachable Dual Temple Comfort Pads:
      For enhanced comfort and stability
    • Built-in forehead VFlector:
      Bounce-panel for added face & lens protection
    • Pro Visor:
      Increased protection in sunny or rainy conditions
    • Comfort Chin Strap:
      Increased stability for a faster game
  • Includes:
    Silicone strap, visor, and carry bag

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Got this mask for Christmas, and it was the best thing that happened to me over course of my life. It breathes as well, if not better than an i4, easily the best looking mask on the market. The lens is actually really small, but the field of view is still amazing. This is because your face sits very deep inside the mask. I let my dad use it and he wore his glasses and still had no problem. I suggest upgrading to the HDR lens from the one it comes with for outside sunny conditions. It also looks really cool. It does come stock with the dual pane lens, but the HDR isn't dual pane, so there is less room for error. It's still completely fog proof though. The one thing that I found a little weird, was that, even though the Grill fit my face perfectly, it felt a little heavy, but to fix that feeling of weightyness in the front, just tighten the strap. Overall, one of the best priced, highest quality masks on the market. The lenses are also really easy to change.



      This mask is great just only one problem the rubber that has the strap go threw it sometimes will rip and then there is no rubber there but its fine other than that better than the dye i4 also you can swap out the foam


          vforce grill mask

          this mask has been used by me alot. i got it only 6 or 7 weeks ago but its by far one of the best masks on the market. it does not fog while i am playing indoor, and does not fog while i am playing outdoor. comes with extra things like a visor and stuff, also had alot of lenses and stuff on the market to replace things if the mask breaks


              Great value

              This is a great mask, there is a lot of room for my glasses behind the lens. Which is why I chose the Grill over the DYE i. And for some reason my mask will fog soon as I hit the field, even with the mirrored orange hydrophobic lens.


                  lightweight, comfy, and made in Quebec !

                  the shipping was quick, and the look of the mask is very agressive, intimidating.


                      Excellent Mask For A Variety Of Players

                      Please note that I am an employee of Badlands Paintball. This review does not reflect the opinions or viewpoints of Badlands Paintball. This is a personal review being done to relay my personal experience with the product, and I have not been directed to do so by the company.

                      I picked up one of these masks back when Badlands first started carrying the VForce line. I have been familiar with the VForce line since it's launch, and have had friends and fellow players both use their product and be sponsored by VForce, however I had no personal experience using anything in the VForce line.

                      As a salesperson, I quickly found it frustrating that the most common question I was asked about the mask was how resistant it was to fogging, and that I had no personal experience to draw on as a reference.

                      I purchased a VForce Grill, with the express purpose of getting firsthand experience with the mask's resistance to fogging in a variety of conditions. Since then, I have used the mask in a wide variety of conditions, from outdoor fields in both hot and cold temperature ranges, as well as a hot and humid indoor field. To this date, I have yet to experience a fogging issue with the mask.

                      Though not initially my intent, I came to find that the Grill had become my primary mask, and that I rarely fall back to any of the other masks that I own.

                      Given the protection offered by the Grill, as well as the level of comfort, reliability and easy to change lens system, I would say this is an excellent option for any player, especially for the price point.


                          I would buy this product again and again

                          this is my first mask and i am glad i got it instead of a cheap one.


                              Fits great & never fogs.

                              Great fitting mask, has never fogged on me once. The only issue I've had with mine is that the stock clear lense started to peel on me after a couple of months of use. I didn't use any cleaning solution on it and took good care of it, but it must be a defective lense.

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                                  VForce Grill Paintball Mask Black

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