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Paintball Guns come in a variety of styles. We have cheap prices on hundreds of Paintball Guns for sale. We stock the best paintball brands such as Tippmann, Planet Eclipse, Dye, Empire, Spyder and more. Free Shipping Available on most paintball gear. No Duty or Brokerage.

When buying a paintball gun, you want a paintball marker that offers the performance and features that suit your playing style. You will find cool paintball guns, cheap paintball guns, sniper paintball guns, paintball pistols / paintball handguns, paintball pump guns, tactical paintball guns and the best paintball guns money can buy. With so many models to choose from, finding the right paintball gun to suit your needs can be overwhelming. Badlands is here to help, start a live chat and we can quickly answer your questions. 

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Azodin Paintball Guns

Azodin Paintball offers great starter guns at affordable prices.  These cost effective markers make it possible for the player on a budget to still have the quality and cool factor of a more advanced gun. Azodin Paintball offers a full manufacturer warranty and are built to the highest quality standards. Pick up one of these great paintball guns and hit the field today!

BT Paintball Guns

BT Paintball Guns Badlands Canada

BT Battle Tested Paintball GunsBadlands is the top BT paintball gun dealer in Canada! Empire Battle Tested, better known simply as BT, is at the forefront of scenario paintball gun design. Battle Tested is an appropriate name for this line of rugged and durable paintball guns, which work well in even the most adverse conditions. 

Dye Paintball Guns

Dye Paintball Guns

Badlands paintball stocks more Dye paintball guns than any other paintball store in Canada. As the largest Dye paintball dealer in Canada, we are your best choice for the full selection of what Dye has to offer, stocking every model, and every color of the Dye DAM paintball gun and the current line of DM paintball guns.

Empire Paintball Guns
Empire Paintball GunsThe Empire brand has been around for more than a decade, during which time their focus was primarily on soft goods. Recently, Empire has revamped their brandingstrategy, and incorporated many sub-brands under the Empire umbrella. Now, you will find such well known paintball guns the Mini and the BT line of scenario markers under the Empire paintball gunbrand.The Empire Axe paintball gun was the first paintball gun released under the Empire brand. Based on the tried and true InvertMini paintball gun platform, the improvements introducedwith the Empire Axehave created a reliable, tournament winning, paintball gun.
Tippmann Paintball Guns

Tippmann backs their A5, Platinum, X7, and TPX paintball guns with a 2 year manufacturer warranty against defects in material or workmanship. The Tippmann Bravo One paintball guns come with a 1 year manufacturer warranty against defects in material or workmanship.

Killhouse Weapon Systems

Killhouse Weapon Systems Paintball Guns Badlands Canada

Killhouse Weapon Systems Paintball Guns

Badlands is the top supplier of Killhouse Weapon Systems upgrades and guns! Killhouse Weapon Systems, often abbreviated to KWS is a top manufacturer of paintball and airsoft upgrades. Killhouse Weapon Systems produces the top end Headhunter series of paintball barrels, as well as the popular Tactical Paintball Barrel line. 

Proto Paintball Guns
Dye Proto Paintball GunsProto Paintball manufactures tournament paintball guns for players of all skill levels. Badlands Paintball stocks both the Proto Reflex Rail paintball gun and the Proto Rail paintball gun. Utilizing technology found in high end DM series markers, Proto paintball guns are able to pack a lot of performance based technology into a very cost effective package.
Spyder Paintball Guns

Spyder Paintball Guns Badlands Canada

Spyder Paintball GunsBadlands is the Canadian Distributor for Spyder Paintball guns. Spyder Paintball guns are a great choice for players of all levels looking for a reliable blow-back paintball gun. Spyder paintball guns with the EKO valve are the most efficient blow-back paintball guns on the market today.

First Strike Paintball Guns

First Strike Paintball Guns

Badlands sells more First Strike paintball guns than any other paintball store in Canada! Our First Strike options are mag-fed which are very popular among Milsim and Woodsball players alike. If a player prefers to take the hopper-fed route, they can use the optional feedneck attachment for the T15! 

Cheap Paintball Guns

Cheap Paintball Guns Badlands Paintball Store

Cheap Paintball Guns 

Cheap paintball guns are a great way to get started when choosing your own equipment for the first time. Having your own equipment is a huge step up from rental paintball guns that get a lot of use. We stock cheap paintball guns that are durable and easy to maintain. 

Paintball Pistols
Paintball Pistols Paintball pistols are the most versatile paintball gun for the ultimate woodsball operator. It pays to have a dependable back up paintball gun in your arsenal in case your primary paintball gun runs out of air or springs a leak. Paintball pistols can also be used as a primary for those who prefer a more challenging playing style. With the ability to accept magazines, paintball pistols remain small, light, and low profile, so you can have the tactical edge over your opponent. Badlands Paintball stocks multiple brands of paintball pistols including Tippmann Sports and Tiberius Arms.
Mag Fed Paintball Guns

Magfed Paintball Guns Badlands Canada

Mag Fed Paintball Guns 

Mad Fed is short for Magazine fed, which is the way the paintballs get into the paintball gun. Individual magazines must be placed into mag fed paintball guns vs the large size paintball hoppers. Players that want to get the most realistic milsim paintball experience use a mag fed paintball gun. 

Pump Paintball Guns
Pump Paintball Guns Get a pump paintball gun if you want to conserve your paintballs and keep to accurate shooting. Pump paintball guns let you govern exactly how much paint you shoot at your opponent without the option of spray and pray. Due to the consistent firing mechanisms in pump paintball guns, you will have the ability for precise targeting with every shot. With the Hammer 7 not only do you have the features of a consistent pump paintball gun, you can also choose between using a magazine or hopper loading system. The Empire resurrection pump gun offers a closed bolt firing design that offers the most accurate shot. Be more accurate and conserved than your opponent with a pump paintball marker.
Sniper Paintball Guns

Sniper Paintball Guns Badlands Canada

Sniper Paintball Guns 

Start making long range paintball eliminations with a Sniper Paintball Gun set up. Get a sniper paintball gun to gain the upper hand when you need to even the odds from a distance. You can effectively engage and eliminate your opponents from a range that keeps you safe.