The PAL Advantage


Planet Eclipse has innovated the game once again by introducing their brand new PAL Loader System! This system has been designed to give entry-level, recreational and rental players the very best battery-free playing experience possible. 


The PAL loader utilizes the breech pressure from the PAL Enabled marker to provide direct agitation of the paintballs within the loader. Given that there are no external or exposed moving parts, the PAL system provides a steady flow of paintballs into the marker (as opposed to gravity fed hoppers). The PAL Loader is available in high and low capacity models to suit individual playing styles (50cal or 68cal paintballs).

Do You Own a First Generation EMEK100?

It is important to note that the only PAL Enabled marker is the EMEK100 (although the loader can still be used on most paintball guns without the feed system feature).  

Players that own the older generation EMEK100 are not currently able to benefit from the PAL system. To rectify this, if you purchase your PAL Loader from Badlands Paintball, we will also upgrade your first generation EMEK100 and ensure it is PAL Enabled. This will give your EMEK100 the ability to engage with the brand new PAL Loader System.

How to Get Your Free Upgrade

Please follow the steps below to take advantage of this offer:

1) Contact us at with your request to upgrade your EMEK100. Please provide your EMEK100 serial number in your e-mail, and please make sure to insure your shipment with your carrier

2) Send your EMEK100 to us at:
    Badlands Inc. - PAL Upgrade
    709 Petrolia Road
    North York, Ontario
    M3J 2N6

3) Our technicians will install the PAL compatible body kit onto your EMEK100

4) We will contact you and provide you with an invoice for the cost of the PAL loader ($28.99) and the cost of return shipping, plus applicable taxes

5) Once the balance is paid, we will ship your PAL-enabled EMEK100 and PAL loader back to, via Canada Post, unless another method of shipment is requested

6) Enjoy the jam-free, battery-free loader experience of your new PAL-enabled Eclipse Emek100

*Participation and geographic availability of the PAL Upgrade Program will vary. Shipping charges apply.