Available Trade Options:

Already have a paintball gun but you want to trade up to the newer model. No Problem. Badlands Trade In and Trade Up program will get you TOP DOLLAR for your old equipment. Earn store credit by trading in your old paintball guns towards the purchase of a new paintball gun at

Simply Trade In and Trade Up and you can get that new gun in your hands right away!


Need some ‘Quick Cash’ or just looking to clear out some old equipment. Badlands offers a Safe and Easy Hassle free exchange.

Don’t hassle with trying to sell it yourself. Bypass the endless emails and text messages, low ballers and hagglers, odd meeting times, public meeting places and worst of all the final negotiation where they buyer attempts to haggle you even more. We have all been there before, it just not worth the hassle. Sell us your used paintball gun for CASH without the hassles. Get the CASH in your pocket quick and easy!  

Here's how it works:

  1. Start a quote and receive an offer from us.

  2. If you accept our offer, we will provide you with instructions on how to send us your gun.

  3. Once we receive your gun, our tech will inspect it to make sure that everything is as you have said and that the gun is in good working order.**

  4. Once the gun passes our tech inspection, we will contact you to complete the offer.

*The necessary, nitty-gritty, full details of how this all works.

At the time you submit the Used Gun Submission Form and email Badlands a picture of your used gun, Badlands is limited in our ability to assess the physical and working condition of the gun. The offer price range that we send you is based on everything being in good working condition, with the gun needs no repairs, parts, or special attention to make it sellable.

We consider a gun in sellable condition, if it is in good operating condition, with no leaks, no missing parts, no performance issues (like shoot-down, velocity spikes, etc.), with all components working (eyes, board modes, etc.), and nothing at fault with the gun that would make it unlikely to operate without issue for 30 days.

If any work is required on our part to make the gun sellable, then we may adjust our offer based on the cost of any labor or parts required to bring the gun to sellable condition. In such cases, we will provide you with a detailed breakdown of our adjusted offer.

Should you not accept our firm offer, then we will ship the gun back you, and you will be responsible for any repairs, including parts and labor, that were necessary to bring your gun to sellable condition, as well as the cost of the return shipping.

**Badlands will perform our due diligence to check if the gun has any history of theft, and will notify, and surrender to, the police, any gun that is sent to us that is suspected of being stolen property.

Badlands reserves the right to refuse any Trade-In for any reason. Trade-In is currently only available online at Badlands is required by law to collect and record additional information as necessary. The information collected by Badlands during any Trade-In transaction may be communicated to law enforcement authorities for law enforcement purposes. The product must be in good working condition and have an intact serial number. Not all products are eligible for Trade-In. The condition of the product and available documentation and accessories may affect the estimate. Trade-In value may depend on our evaluation of a number of factors, including condition, product age and specifications, documentation, resale value, etc. Trade-In estimates are subject to change and therefore they are only valid at the time of estimate inquiry. Trade-In transactions are irreversible after issuance of compensation from Badlands. 


Every deal starts with getting a quote. Your quote from Badlands will include a Trade In and Trade Up Value, Cash Value and Consignment Value. Once you get your quote, you can decide which option is right for you!

Every quote is custom created and the estimated value of the equipment will be based on three main factors - condition, age, and demand

Start your quote with one of these easy methods:
  • Online Form: CLICK HERE
  • Email:
  • Phone: 800-717-5314 ext 240 - Badlands Andrew
  • Live Chat: Visit (Monday - Friday 9am - 4pm EST)