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Tippmann TiPX Paintball Gun Pistol


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The new TiPX .68 Caliber Paintball Pistol boasts an innovative, compact design, specially engineered to be lightweight, easy to maintain, customizable, and best of all, dependable. To take the performance of the TiPX to a new level...

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Tippmann Paintball


The new TiPX .68 Caliber Paintball Pistol boasts an innovative, compact design, specially engineered to be lightweight, easy to maintain, customizable, and best of all, dependable. To take the performance of the TiPX to a new level, the pistol will now include two of the new Tru-Feed Straight Stack magazines. The new Tru-Feed Magazine uses a straight feed, low tension spring system that allows the player to use a wider variety of paint and is less affected by hot or humid conditions. The staggered 8-ball magazine will continue to be available as an accessory for those players who place importance on the additional capacity.   

Metal Trigger Punctures C02 On First Pull
2 Self-Locking 7-Ball Tru-Feed Magazine Clips
Quick Release Magazine Feed System
Under Barrel 12 Gram C02 Air System
Easy To Load 1/4 Turn C02 Cap
External Velocity Adjuster
Internal Regulator
Ability to Add Remote Line
Ergonomically Designed Grip
Covered Ammo Windows
Removable Barrel with X7 Threads
Maintenance Kit is Included
Deluxe Carrying Case is Included

VIDEO - Tippmann TiPX Upgrades

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      WOW i just gotta say this is a awesome gun its so accurate and powerful and so many other good thing its to long of a list i used a proto rail before and i like this 100% more i really recommend this to a friend and to get a remote line :)


          Tippmann TiPX

          This gun hands down is the best most custom pistol out there. The things you can buy for this gun is unlimited. This simple use pistol can be customize to a full mag fed gun with other kits. I wouldn't give this pistol up for any other. One small thing to do with your pistol is attach string or something from your Co2 thing on the end of the gun to the gun because like me you may end up losing it and having to buy a new one. I highly recommend this and if you are buying this get the Zeta Mags as well to extend your playing ability with it.


              great marker

              i am just an everyday joe that loves to lay paintball. I bought this marker for a back up and it works amazing. if you are looking for a good back up pistol, i would recommend you buy this tipx.


                  Pretty slick piece of equipment!

                  Originally intended to carry just one as a 'back-up' - worked better than I expected so I got a second one.
                  Pretty solid piece, decent weight(Im not very fit but I can easily dual wield without my arms getting tired), pretty simple to use. Decent amount of shots per 12gram(about 3 mags). I suggest not having a loaded mag for the trigger pull to puncture and the follow-up pull to build pressure.
                  The only down side is the disassembly-once you remove the bolts holding the shell the interior will want to pop out! Reading the manual is very helpful!


                      well worth buying!!

                      Great marker....now with the new Zetamags it just might become my new primary!!!


                          Great pistol

                          Got this pistol last year from badlands and I love it. I used this pistol as a primary for the whole season because I was getting into the sport and wanted to start off learning how to move better and its kinda like playing in hard mode when your every shot is returned 100 fold. I haven't had much paint chopping with the stock barrel or with the lapcos I got mid season. The remote line adapter was a blessing because I found you had to waste a few shots farting co2 to bleed it enough to change co2 out. I did get the holster but didn't find it all that comfortable so I gave that to a friend and picked myself up a cross draw molle vest. I now use it as a back up and at the end of the day when I have just alittle paint left and for pump n pistol games which are the best.


                              best pistol

                              best pistol iv ever used way better than a t8.1 or sa17


                                  Great gun

                                  This is my sidearm, but I have to admit that it's so accurate and reliable that in many instances it becomes my primary. The only downfall is the low mag capacity. I run this gun of a 13/3000 tank with 7 mags, even with the tank disconnected the gun will still fire 2 shots due to the expansion into the co2 chamber that remains after you install remote line. I am extremely pleased with the accuracy, it easily rivals my rifles that have 14-18' barrels, I have test fired at pop cans at 60ft range and hit 4/5 using a laser to aim. The spring tension in the mag does not crush the paint and the gun does not chop balls.

                                  Due to its reliability, accuracy and price, it easily stands above the Tiberius alternative. I don't bother to use co2 as it will only give 2 mags worth and takes too much effort to swap out a co2 cartridge. With a good setup remote line does the job and allows consistent fire after multiple mags.


                                      great side arm

                                      This is a great sidearm, and if you want to be different and go all pistol. the only thing that I dislike is that it is a bit of a pain to assemble the marker after you take it apart to clean. If it is your first time pack a lot of patience and some time. All in all it is a great marker


                                          The Best

                                          I use this pistol as one of my primaries. I have attached an HPA conversion kit and run a remote line to it. Even with the short barrel it is accurate. Outer shell and mags are plastic but are very strong and have a good chunky feel. Extra mags are very affordable. I recommend mid grade paint because it can be a little hard on paint so make sure you use a somewhat thicker shell. As this is a Tippmann there are always lots of upgrade and customizability options. I've used a Tiberius 8.1 and I prefer the TiPX more. Love it!


                                              Great secondary gun

                                              The tipx is an excelant secondary gun.Good accuracy even with the stock barrel.
                                              I suggest the remote adapter for a extend use because you got about twenty shot with the 12gram co2.

                                              PS: The shipping was very fast Badlands paintball did an excellent job on this matter.



                                                  This marker is amazing. I was a bit wary when buying it because there were so many negative reviews about this marker. When I opened it up I realised Tippmann made many improvement to the marker since those reviews. I fired approx 146 paintballs through the TiPX using 10 co2 cartridges. After using it the first time it is extremely accurate for a paintball gun, light weight, easy to use. The thing that got me the most was the fact that I used a low quality paint (DXS field paint PAINTBALLS) which are a terrible quality paintball and have had many problems with them before. I was firing my marker at 249 fps (Markers are required to be under 250 at indoor fields and under 300 at many outdoors). Like Tippmann says at a lower FPS still very accurate but absolutely no paint breakages. I am extremely pleased with this marker and would recommend it to anyone.


                                                      Fantastic pistol!

                                                      The Tippmann TIPX is my personal preference for a .68 cal pistol. It's comfortable, lightweight, accurate and is easy maintenance. I use an 8' LAPCO Bigshot Assault barrel for incredible accuracy. I also picked up a Tippmann TPX Leg Holster which allows me to comfortably carry the pistol as well as five Co2 cartridges and either an extra mag or two 10 round tubes.



                                                          THIS MARKER IS A GREAT DURABLE ACCURATE PISTOL.


                                                              Great for the money

                                                              It is a great gun for the cost and shoots awesome but is very inaccurate with the 6.5 inch barrel whick always gets rid of range too


                                                                  tipx side marker

                                                                  The tipx is a great sidearm,actually considering getting a second and drop the main off at the truck in between games for some fast paced run an gun action. Honestly I have never broken paint and that being said fired all star paint through it flawlessly after it had mucked up my phenom pretty bad.recommend a holster and at least one additional pack of mags.(4in total is a good start). One of my main sell points is the c02 isn't in individual clips like the tiberius(dummies) and the c02 isn't actually live until the first pull assuring you'll get your 3-4 mag/cartridge ratio. All in all a very trustworthy sidearm decent weight feels right in the hands shoots nice and straight accurate outter velocity adjustment not a rare barrel thread ( actually have my stock 9'phenom barrel in it right now more range less sound due to the muzzle break)



                                                                      it is an insanely accurate but its the air cartridges that will cost you more money if you dont want it to be bulky



                                                                          TPX is not worth [$]. It'll be better if the TPX has the same price as the T8.1 has...unfortunately, I spent the retail price. But the pistol is light, durable, pretty small, and accurate but it's not as accurate as the T8.1. It feels like I'm playing paintball with a plastic toy. Also, it chops paint. IF you have a TPX, you need to buy good paint that has a hard shell...


                                                                              i own one

                                                                              this gun is great, i run it on remote and 4 mags.Its small and easy to shot,feels good when you shot out speedballers


                                                                                  I would buy this product again and again

                                                                                  i use the tpx going in to tower and in to small rooms. the Accurate is out of this world. something i dont like is i cant use it ever day


                                                                                      VERY NICE SIDEARM

                                                                                      Very nice gun and is fun to run around with. I recommend extra magazines and the holster.


                                                                                          Prefered Sidearm

                                                                                          Great sidearm, only thing I don't like about the marker is putting it back together after cleaning, also don't like how all the balls spill out of the magazine if you eject it from the marker with a few rounds left.


                                                                                              Best marker ever

                                                                                              not hard at all to use takes like 5 min to get it down and its so much fun to use

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