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Badlands is the place to shop for all your Tippmann Paintball Hopper and accessory needs. Whether you are looking for unique Tippmann loader systems or upgrades, we have it all in stock and shipping. Add Tippmann loader quality to your favorite paintball marker today

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Tippmann 98 Custom Cyclone Feed System - The Tippmann 98 Cyclone Feed conversion is a popular upgrade for making your 98 custom shoot fast and consistent. This will make your marker feed on every trigger pull without chopping and still let you sight down the top of the marker. The 98 Cyclone Feed upgrade kit will work on 98 Custom, 98 Platinum, Bravo One, and Sierra One markers.

Tippmann Electronic Paintball Hopper - Check out the Tippmann SSL-200 for a reliable and smooth feeding electronic paintball loader. The Tippmann SSL features a flex sensor that detects paintball movement when you shoot so the motor reacts instantly for the highest performance.