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Tippmann Bravo One Elite Paintball Gun


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Tippmann Paintball


Tippmann Bravo One Elite

The new Tippmann Bravo One Elite Paintball Gun is the successor to the original Tippmann Bravo One. The Tippmann Bravo One Elite gives you the same M-16 styling as the original Bravo One, but also brings with it several improvements. The Tippmann Bravo One Elite features an added picatinny rail on the M-16 style shroud to allow you to easily mount tac-lights, fore grips or anything else you could possibly want. The M-16 Carry Handle can also be removed by unscrewing two screws, giving you access to the top picatinny rail. This allows you to easily attach any scopes or sights you could want onto your new Bravo Elite paintball gun. The Bravo One Elite is the perfect marker for players looking to get a customizable and reliable gun all in one package!


  • Realistic Tactical Look
  • M-16 style Collapsible Stocl, Shroud, Carry Handle and Magazine
  • All Aluminium Receiver
  • Tippmann's proven inline bolt system
  • Easy to upgrade
  • Magazine doubles as tool storage
  • 12" High Performance Barrel

VIDEO - Tippmann Bravo One Elite Unboxing

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Bravo one elite

I use this product for everyday woodsball, recball and occasionally scenario games. I have never had any problems with the gun itself. Internally and externally you can always count on a tippmann product to be reliable. The only problem I had at first was that for big scenario games I would get tired from holding it as it is a bit heavy. I fixed that with simply buying a one point sling. As well I have a red dot sight and a basic foregrip which help a lot. I would also recommend you buy a cyclone feed system as a basic gravity fed hopper will not cut it depending on your firing rates. Also I would recommend buying an after market barrel. The one that comes with it is fine but I would recommend getting some extra range.


      Tippmann Bravo One Elite Paintball Gun

      I use this marker mostly for woodsball but it is also good for recreational play at your local field.


          Great gun.

          Great marker(especially for begginers).
          The only two issues is:
          1-The marker will get too heavy if you put the tank direct in it, so, is recommended to use a remote coil.
          2-The carrying handle iron sight is not adjustable.


              Good For Beginners

              This was my first marker and it was doing well for me until I sold it for a better marker after 2 years. It is for beginners but if you play once a year it will greatly do the job.



                  so i bring this to my local field right put my vest on put my tank and remote line and all and get like 5 guys in an hour coming up to me telling me how 'bad-a§§' it is. on another note GREAT gun it could use a longer barel (wich i now have) and now it is crazy accurate. tthe only reason that im not giving it a 5/5 is 'cause it is fairly heavy after about an hour or 2. overall great gun great constuction very comfortable. good job tippman.


                      Great gun, but its as good as a rentals

                      Very fun to play with, but its only specialties is that it looks sweet, makes you feel powerful and you can customize it easy. Otherwise if you're looking for an actual GOOD BEGINNER GUN, look at an eNEMy (That's how it's spelt) they offer great guns for a tad cheaper (depending on gun selections) It's quite heavy by it self so adding an airtank and a scope would just suck within 10-25 minutes of playing paintball. I'd rate 4/5, looks cool, very fun to play with but isn't worth its price and isn't really anything special but looking pretty


                          great gun!

                          this was my first paintball gun i had and i love it, it mucks kids as long as u know how to aim it, i love the look and its cool putting upgrades on it to make it better


                              Fantastic woodsball gun!

                              I won this marker in a contest on badlands and i am not disapointed! fantastic marker, very accurate , was outshooting guys with speedball guns no problem!

                              only con i can think of is the feedneck is a little close to the body so definately get a cyclone to free up those sights!


                                  First gun I bought

                                  Great gun. I would suggest getting a cyclone feed to free up the sights for aiming. Overall a great buy!


                                      Never had a doubt in my mind

                                      I got this marker after my last one broke. I've noticed that it seems lighter than the old model.Due to the shorter 12 inch standard barrel i would suggest playing on point or getting up closer to your target. Definetly a great bang for your buck

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                                          Tippmann Bravo One Elite Paintball Gun

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