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Tiberius Arms T8.1 Paintball Gun Socom Edition View larger

Tiberius Arms T8.1 Paintball Gun Socom Edition


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The SOCOM Edition includes the Tiberius T8.1 pistol with threaded tipped barrel, mock silencer, and adjustable laser system.

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Tiberius Arms


The SOCOM Edition includes the Tiberius T8.1 pistol with threaded tipped barrel, mock silencer, and adjustable laser system.

Tiberius Arms is pleased to announce the release of the new T8.1 pistol, the new standard for paintball pistols. The T8.1 comes equipped to fire the revolutionary new First Strike projectiles, in addition to standard .68 caliber paintballs. The new hard anodized, solid aluminum upper receiver allows a remote to be attached directly to the marker (optional remote kit required) and provides unmatched durability. Player's will also appreciate the removable under-mount tac-rail, side dovetailed iron sights, and dual rubber detents that improve versatility and performance. The transformation wasn't complete without upgrading the magazine... a lightweight, all metal mag that field strips for cleaning in seconds, and features a low profile tool-less quick puncture for changing 12 grams on the fly. Consider the bar raised!

The T8.1 is a compact high performance magazine fed paintball pistol. It holds 8 standard paintballs or first strike rounds and is powered from a 12 gram CO2 cartridge.

Included in the SOCOM Pack:

  • Tiberius T8.1 Paintball Pistol Black
  • Threaded barrel
  • Mock silencer
  • 8 round Magazine - First Strike and .68 caliber compatable
  • Tool-less quick puncture kits installed in magazine
  • Undermount Tac Rail installed
  • Adjustable Laser System Installed
  • Gun Case (not pictured)

Standard Gun Features:

  • Highly accurate, advanced regulator makes velocity fully adjustable
  • Gun operates below 350 psi, ensuring constant performance despite weather or shot capacity
  • Safety valve relieves extra pressure in chamber, ensuring consistent velocity
  • Quick-release barrel for cleaning, no mess, no tools required
  • Sites are extremely easy to locate for fast targeting and exact calculation of distance
  • Handle is composed of high-impact urethane, all parts are stainless steel and aircraft aluminum

VIDEO - Tiberius Arms T8.1 Socom Unboxing

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I love the T8.1, I use it as my primary on the field.
I find with the Mock Silencer add on it only serves to make the gun front heavy with no real benefit apart from improved distance... which is not the point with a pistol.

I plan on getting a 9.1 Ranger and will use the silencer to turn it into the sniper. Short of the long? The silencer may look great on the gun but it sure changes the way you play pistol... and not for the better.

NOTE: T8.1 on it's own is 4 stars! Not 5 due to the number of seals and this gun's tendency to be a little hard on the seals. Good gun if you don't mind taking it apart from time to time to solve seal issues.

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      Tiberius Arms T8.1 Paintball Gun Socom Edition

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