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TechT MRT X7 Phenom Bolt


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TechT's MRT Phenom is the best and lightest bolt upgrade you can get for the Tippmann Phenom. This is a must for any Tippmann Phenom owner.

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The TECHT MRT (MASS REDUCTION TECHNOLOGY) Phenom Bolt has been engineered with efficiency and consistency as the most crucial design elements. We have also added a soft touch face to our Phenom bolt which will significantly decrease ball breakage. Our MRT system minimizes excess weight by removing portions of the bolt which are not utilized. Our spiral cut pattern allow us to lengthen the channels of material to be removed, this results produce a very dynamic looking bolt. Players that upgrade to the MRT Phenom Bolt will see significant increases in efficiency and the elimination of ball breakage typically asscociated with the stock Phenom bolt. The TECHT MRT Bolt is made of aircraft grade aluminum and as always carries a Full Lifetime Warranty from the manufacturer.

The TechT MRT Phenom Bolt utilizes the stock spring. In our testing we found that changing to a different spring (lighter spring) caused issues with the cyclone feed loading correctly. We saw increases of 30 FPS when changing out the stock bolt for the MRT Bolt. Our tremendous increase in efficiency is due to the combination of the soft-touch face- which helps seal the off the barrel when fired, the tremendous change in weight, and our high flow face.  The sound signature is also greatly reduced when adding the MRT Bolt.

All MRT Phenom Bolts will come with our Phaze-5 Air Fitting for the Cyclone Feed. The Phaze-5 Fitting allows more air to get to the cyclone feed and actuate the paddles more consistently. The TechT Phaze-5 Fitting is manufactured from stainless steel which makes it a much more durable replacement for the stock plastic fitting. The Phaze-5 Fitting must be installed to allow the MRT Phenom Bolt to work properly in conjunction with the Cyclone Feed System. Please watch our install and troubleshooting video to insure that your TechT MRT Phenom Bolt is installed properly.




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Must buy Internal Mod

Very easy Mod that increases performance. I now get around 160-170 shots from my 13/3000 psi tank at around 240-250 fps


      WOW what a difference !!!!!

      Wow I dont know where to start played my fisrt game with this Bolt last weekend and it is so amazing at the first squeeze of the trigger I instantly felt the difference on my phenom in increased trigger respond , more accurate on further shot grouping , less noisy and less recoil. In overall I would say that this is the best upgrate I have ever purchase for my gun.
      To all of you guys who owns a phenom this is the bolt you want you will not regret it.
      Good hunting and good game to all


          TechT MRT Phenom Bolt: Review

          This bolt is an absolute must for the Phenom owner! I'd even say as far as any 'upgrades' go, this should be your first one! First off: If you take the stock bolt and the TechT bolt and put one in each hand, you will notice instantly the lightness of the MRT bolt. Secondly: Stand each bolt side by side and place a paintball on the contact tip of each. Notice how the TechT bolt cups the ball much more securely moreso than the stock bolt. The air slots are set back in the MRT bolt as opposed to 'on the face' of the stock bolt as well as the soft rubber design of the TechT bolt as opposed to the hard plastic of the stock bolt. These design changes helps with using less air, less firing noise, faster cycling, and most importantly more consistant (and farther) shot groupings, as well as saying goodbye to paint breaks! I'm serious! I have not ONCE chopped paint since the installation of the MRT bolt!! All you have to remember with this upgrade is to make sure you use TechT gun sav and keep this sucker lubed, as well as the stock spring for maximum performance and lifespan.
          So, in conclusion, wicked product! A must have for any Phenom owner. PS: The Pro Series Bolt is now also available, but, from some reviews i've seen on Youtube, the overall performance difference between this one and the pro series is neglegible at best. Either one will do, but, JUST GET ONE!!!

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              TechT MRT X7 Phenom Bolt

              TechT MRT X7 Phenom Bolt

              TechT\'s MRT Phenom is the best and lightest bolt upgrade you can get for the Tippmann Phenom. This is a must for any Tippmann Phenom owner.

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