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Paintball Tactical Vests

Badlands has the paintball vest you need to enter the field prepared for battle! There are basically two types of vests used in paintball today, one with all the attachments included on the vest, and the other, a basic, modular type of vest that you customize with the accessories you want by using the MOLLE system of attachment. 

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BT Tactical Vests

BT Tactical Vests are designed with paintball players in mind. Utilizing lightweight, breathable materials and a modular design, BT Tactical Vests are highly maneuverable and allow for a multitude of upgrades. BT Tactical Vests come in a number of designs giving you the choice between full coverage, highly protective vests or lightweight high speed vests. Tested and proven on paintball fields world wide BT Tactical Vests are a great choice for any paintball player looking to take their game to the next level!

Condor Tactical Vests

Badlands carries a wide variety of Condor Tactical Vests to suit every player. Condor Tactical Vests are available in multiple styles and are used by real operators. Condor Tactical Vests are available as pre-built vests, such as the Condor Crossdraw Vest and Condor Elite Tactical Vest, or as a base vest loaded with MOLLE. Combine your Condor Tactical Vest with any MOLLE attachments from our Tactical Vest Attachments section and truly make your vest unique for your style of play.

Gen-X Tactical Vests

Gen-X Tactical Vests are perfect for new players due to an extraordinary amount of adaptability and protection. Gen-X Tactical Vests come included with everything you need stitched onto the vest right out of the box. If you are looking for a quality vest with everything you need for an affordable price then look no further the Gen-X Tactical Vests!

A vest is a good choice for carrying your gear, since it helps distribute the load over your shoulders, and some, like the Petrol Tactical vest, include a comfort belt as well, making it even more comfortable when fully loaded.