Update September 20,2021

When the Liberal government called the election in August, all unfinished Bills in Parliament died on the floor. That means C-21 is also currently dead, but can be reintroduced if the Liberals are voted back into power. Today, you have a say in which party forms the next government. Choose a party that supports airsoft. Don't think that your vote matters? It does! Every vote counts so get out there and vote!

Update March 3, 2021

We spoke with one of our local MPs today who indicated that our voices are being heard. She indicated that the government is working on clarifying the bill and is looking at ways to achieve their public safety goals, while at the same time taking the airsoft industry’s concerns into consideration. As it stands, should the bill pass, she indicated that existing owners of airsoft guns would be grandfathered, meaning they would be allowed to keep their guns. She said she would talk to the office of the Minister of Public Safety on our behalf, and get back to us with more information about the bill. We will keep you posted as more information becomes available.


February 23, 2021 

On February 16th, the federal government introduced Bill-21 into the House of Parliament in Ottawa. This Bill, if passed, would effectively classify most airsoft guns as replicas, making them prohibited devices in Canada. We became aware of this bill on February 17th, and began immediately to take steps to oppose the passage of this bill. We began by contacting our suppliers to drum up their support, to reach out to the MPs for our homes and business locations to register our concerns and opposition, and to speak to our legal counsel to explore legal avenues to help protect the airsoft community.


We share everyone’s concerns about this bill. We remain hopeful that we can change the course of events, but there is a lot at stake. If this bill passes as written, airsoft as we know it will go away. Jobs will be lost, dedicated airsoft stores will close, and families will be impacted. Please help us save our airsoft community.


How can you help? Please write your MPs, sign the petition, and stay informed.


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