Refurbished Guns and Gear

Welcome to the Badlands Refurbished Guns and Gear section of our website.  Items found in this section may be pre-owned, refurbished, or brand new items that have issues with their appearance or packaging.

What is the difference between PRE-OWNED and REFURBISHED equipment? A PRE-OWNED piece of equipment is one which has been previously owned by a customer. A REFURBISHED piece of equipment is something that failed when it came out of the box and we have repaired it.

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What is the difference between USED and REFURBISHED equipment?


A USED piece of equipment is one which has been used by a customer. The item may, or may not, show obvious signs of use and wear, and generally the original packaging will show signs of use, or may be missing altogether. Tags and manuals may be missing.


A REFURBISHED piece of equipment is one that has been delivered to a customer and then returned to us for any number of reasons. Commonly, these items have packaging that has been damaged during shipping, or may have cosmetic defects. These items are thoroughly inspected by our technicians, returned to full-working condition, and then moved to our Refurbished Guns and Gear section.

Every item found in this section will include a description regarding the condition of the item. If an item has scratches or any physical damage, this will be noted, and pictures will also be viewable. All items in this section have been inspected and tested, and are in full-working order.

USED and REFURBISHED items are sold as is, and come with a limited 30 day warranty to arrive in working condition. Brand new items with packaging defects, scratches, etc. carry the manufacturer's warranty. For full details, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.