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Proto Primo Loader Black


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Innovative Positive Feed Shelf provides a minimal friction, gravity feed solution allowing you to achieve high rates of fire while drastically reducing paint jams.

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Proto Paintball


Innovative Positive Feed Shelf provides a minimal friction, gravity feed solution allowing you to achieve high rates of fire while drastically reducing paint jams.

200 Round capacity, enlarged clear spring lid for easy loading and quick paint level checks.

The patent pending Proto Primo Loader is the first of it's kind with a positive feed shelf designed to relieve pressure on paint reducing jams and increasing feed rate. Powered by minimal agitation of the gun. The Proto Primo Loader helps sort and funnel as you shoot for a consistent vertical feed. Comes with a clear spring lid for easy reload. The large opening works well with Proto Alpha Pods for the ultimate paint carrying system. Large capacity durable shell holds 200 paintballs and makes for ease of cleaning and maintenance.

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Could be better

They say the shelf inside it will help it feed balls faster, but it actually makes balls feed slower. A normal gravity fed hopper feeds better than this thing, and is $5.00 cheaper. Overall for beginners I'd get a normal gravity fed hopper, it feeds better and is cheaper.


      Works nicely and has an acceptable price

      It's probably the best gravity fed hopper out there, has a great price, and doesn't jam or make too much noise. However if you have an electric marker, don't use this and buy and electric hopper unless it might jam or chop paint. Great as a cheap durable hopper and reasonable for beginners.


          Awesome Loader

          Great Loader would definitely recommend this to players just getting into the sport


              Good loader for semi and pump guns

              This is a good loader. Of course, it is not as fast as electronic loaders but it gets the job done for budget ballers like myself. It is good for semi-automatic and pump guns. Also, it looks sick.


                  this is worth the money

                  I love this loader because my past loaders for pump have been very 'jammy' and just look ugly. this loader feeds consistent and barely needs to be shaken thanks to the shelf in the loader.


                      Best gravity loader

                      This is the best gravity loader u can get, I use it with my burst mode and it keeps. If your going full auto then u of course need a electric hopper, that being said. This is a must for any on semi auto or 3 round burst does not jam, always feed no battery's so it's quite. Very nice product





                              Great at what it's made for

                              For starters: Anyone who puts this on en electric marker, and then gives it a bad review is a moron.

                              If your marker needs batteries, buy a hopper that needs batteries too - Halo's, eggy's, or rotors are all excellent choices.

                              That being said, this hopper paired with a mechanical marker is a no brainer to me - the old style was called a shake-and-shoot for a reason, and this design virtually eliminates that issue in regular gameplay - my MR-1 and I had a great couple days with it.


                                  ok hopper

                                  this is okfor someone for the beginner guns, it is faster thana normal gravity hopper but doesnt mean its going to feed constantly so...
                                  I have an er3 and in about 300 paintballs 2 barrel breaks.


                                      A+ _gravity_ hopper

                                      Tested a friend's Tippmann Sierra One (mechanical trigger) with a Proto Primo on it, range-style (sitting and shooting), it fed well, kept up with the mechanical single trigger no problem, maybe one shake towards the end going through a full hopper? probably wouldn't have happened on a field where you're usually moving (or at least ducking to cover between volleys).
                                      For an electronic trigger, you're probably going to want an electronic hopper, but this thing seems like great bang for your buck (an extra $5-10?) compared to a generic gravity hopper.

                                      P.S.: If someone says (insert a random number, for example 5) bps, it doesn't mean (5) balls in half a second then a half second of not shooting, it means roughly a ball every one-(fifth) of a second.
                                      Also, your marker moves more from the pull of a mechanical trigger than an electronic trigger, that little shake/twitch is what really helps balls feed with gravity hoppers.


                                          Cant keep up

                                          Just went out for the first time in a few years and was told that is hopper would be fine for at least 5 balls per second. Immediately when i went to chrono my 2011 proto rail it wouldnt fire, thinking this was a battery or eyebeam issue i checked out my gun. Upon inspection I discovered that even before firing my first shot the hopper had jammed. As the day continued i continuously had to shake my marker after firing any amount of shots in quick succession, normally got about 4. This was very disappointing and hampered my gameplay extremely. I would only recommend this to people who cant afford anything better.


                                              works great for the price

                                              great hopper. price is cheap and works great for woods ball and no batteries!

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                                                  Proto Primo Loader Black

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