Planet Eclipse Paintball Guns

Planet Eclipse Paintball Guns

Badlands is proud to be the Official distributor for Planet Eclipse paintball guns in Canada. We sell more Egos, Geos, Eteks, and Etha paintball guns than anyone else in the country. We are the Planet Eclipse Warranty Center for Canada, and we have the only factory trained Eclipse techs as well.

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Planet Eclipse ETHA 2

Etha2-2.jpgPlanet Eclipse ETHA 2 Paintball Guns

The ETHA2 has been designed from scratch to bring a unique approach to the ETHA platform. From the way it looks, the way it feels and the way to shoots, the ETHA2 is a totally different animal and will bring a new level of performance, reliability and flexibility to this price point. We’re really proud of our latest offering and are excited to see the ETHALUTION unfold worldwide.

Planet Eclipse Etek5

Planet Eclipse Etek5 Paintball Guns

Planet Eclipse GTEK

Planet Eclipse GTEK Paintball Guns

Planet Eclipse set the bar for the mid range paintball gun market with the famous and ultra reliable stacked tube poppet Etek line, and are about to reinvent the class with the brand new Gtek!

Planet Eclipse GTEK 160R

Planet Eclipse GTEK 160R

Planet Eclipse GEO CS2

The latest in the CS line of markers, the CS2, has been honed with laser-like focus to be the best. To be used by the best. To conquer. And to win. Powered by the incredible GP Core Drivetrain and packed full of new purposeful features the CS2 not only looks fantastic, but it has the ability to over-achieve on every level.


Planet Eclipse EGO LV1.1 Paintball Guns

The EGO LV1.1 is the improved platform of the paintball gun that revolutionized the poppet valve, the EGO LV1. The new unibody front fore grip is now more stable and comfortable. The internal LPR has been enlarged so the EGO LV1.1 PRO paintball gun can operate on even lower pressure increasing consistent velocity and a smoother shot profile.

New from Planet Eclipse is the Shaft Pro barrel tip which comes stock with the EGO LV1.1 paintball gun. This barrel tip has been developed alongside pro players, so you can expect maximum performance from your Shaft 4 paintball barrel.

Planet Eclipse EGO LV1 Paintball Guns

The EGO LV1 is the paintball gun that changed the face of the poppet valve system. Poppet valve operating paintball guns have always been known to kick like mules, sound like cannons but are extremely air efficient. For the first time in paintball history the poppet valve paintball gun doesn’t have to be loud or kick like crazy. Planet Eclipse developed and integrated the proprietary Lever Valve (LV) into the EGO platform creating the smoothest, quietest, most efficient poppet valve paintball gun made. Alongside the technical improvements of the LV1 are the new rubber wrap around grips, the internal LPR system and the Air Transfer (AT) Pipe, the LV1 paintball gun is as comfortable as it is high performing.

Planet Eclipse GEO 3.5 Paintball Guns

The GEO 3.5 paintball gun is based on the Geo 3.1 and ultimately a massive improvement to the GEO 3. GEO paintball guns have been known to be the workhorse spool valve while remaining reliable and smooth. With the new IV core, the GEO 3.5 paintball guns have become one of the most efficient and smooth spool valve paintball guns in the sport. Continuing the Integrated Air Transfer (AT) Pipe and wrap around rubber grips, the GEO3.5 paintball guns look and feels as amazing as they shoot. Maximize your GEO 3.5 barrel performance by adding a Shaft FR barrel back and a Shaft Pro tip.

Planet Eclipse ETEK 5 Paintball Guns

One of the most anticipated paintball markers since the creation of the LV1, the ETEK 5 takes the ETEK line to the next level in mid-grade paintball guns. The ETEK 5 is massively improved from its predecessor the ETEK 4. The ETEK 5 paintball gun follows the same fundamental architecture of the LV1 giving the player the most comfortable shooting profile. The new integrated Zick3 rammer and the Cure 5 bolt make the ETEK 5 even smoother and gentler on paintballs. The ETEK 5 paintball gun comes in a variety of unique colours and graphic styles like most high end paintball guns.

The ETEK 5 has the option of installing a drop-in OLED display module for those who would rather look at a display screen over watching flashing LEDs.

Planet Eclipse ETHA Paintball Guns

The Planet Eclipse ETHA was developed to be the best-in-class performing paintball gun that can be acquired by those looking to purchase a high performance paintball gun at a lower cost. The ETHA paintball gun prides itself as what the standard for entry level high performance paintball guns should be. With a never before seen spring return pull poppet engine, the ETHA is one of the most durable workhorses.

The ETHA paintball guns are loaded with mid-level features at an entry level cost. Available in a multitude of colours and graphic designs, you can pick which ETHA paintball gun will match your style.