Planet Eclipse GEO3.5

Planet Eclipse GEO3.5 Paintball Guns

The Eclipse GEO3.5 combines the Geo3.1's style, aesthetics and ergonomics with the GSL's implementation of the IVCore drivetrain. Sleek and comfortable with the benefit of increased efficiency, quieter sound signature, softer shot and true pop-up tool-less bolt removal in one streamlined package. 

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Planet Eclipse GEO 3.5 Paintball Guns

The Geo platform has gained huge popularity amongst tournament and woodsball players alike. The Eclipse Geo3.5 will help to press home its advantage to Speedball players with its miniscule amount of barrel rise even during ramping and its exceptional efficiency that gives them the ability to carry enough paint for the longest of matches or points. In the woods, the light weight of the Geo combines with its now even quieter sound signature to make it the perfect companion for those extended periods on the field and for taking those shots when you don’t want to give your position away.