Planet Eclipse GEO CS1

Planet Eclipse GEO CS1 Paintball Guns

Planet Eclipse Geo CS1 Paintball GunThe Planet Eclipse GEO CS1 signals the dawn of a new era for the Eclipse Geo line. Not just a facelift of a previous generation, but a complete rework of the platform. Every facet scrutinized. Every aspect deliberated. 

Planet Eclipse GEO CS1 There is 1 product.

Planet Eclipse CS1 Paintball Guns

From the ergonomics to the electronics, reliability to maintenance, and performance to aesthetics, the engineers at Planet Eclipse have left no stone unturned in that elusive quest for perfection. The CS1 has been years in the making. Thousands of hours of design. Many thousands more of testing.
The result? A radical departure from what came before. A new awakening. The CS1.