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Planet Eclipse CSR Paintball Guns

The pinnacle of performance and design the Planet Eclipse CSR pushes the boundaries of what is possible in a paintball gun. The CSR isn’t just beautiful, it is also loaded with all new features. Users will take advantage of an all new light weight design, blade trigger, Shaft FL Barrel Carbon Fibre Barrel Tip. Experience the CS Refined.

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That feeling of being one of a select few. Part of an exclusive group. Special.

There are few ways of achieving this feeling in today’s modern world of globalisation and mass-market production. Yet there are still small enclaves where it’s possible to find exclusivity.

At Planet Eclipse every marker is special. But some are just that little bit more special than others. Planet Eclipse is constantly purshing the boundaries of what they do and how they do it. Trying to envisage what the ultimate would be. How far they can take it. For something to be the pinnacle of performance and design.

Eclipse markers such as the GSL, the SL8r and the ultra-rare SL91 have given players a taste of what it’s like to belong to an exclusive group. A group of people that embrace the very rarest and best Eclipse has to offer.

Which brings us the CSR. The CS Refined.

In the mold of the SL lines that came before it, the CSR is a heavily modified variant of the current headline Eclipse marker, the CS1. It features bespoke machined components and custom accessories that can only be found on the CSR, such as the frame, body, POPS assembly and eye covers and introduces a completely new barrel system in the Shaft FL.


Designed and manufactured in collaboration with the world’s leading carbon fibre barrel specialist, DeadlyWind, the Shaft FL combines decades of barrel manufacturing know-how to produce an incredibly light, efficient and consistent barrel system.

In fact, the ethos behind the CSR has been led with weight reduction in mind and it comes in at a noticeable 100g or 3.5oz lighter than the CS1. A difference that can really be felt in the hand. As if that weren't enough, the box itself is hand-made from authentic Carbon Fibre. A true light-weight package.

But above anything else, the CSR brings that exclusivity that so many crave. Produced in limited numbers and over a limited period of time it’s an object of desire and engineering beauty that only a lucky few will ever get to experience.


Every visual aspect of the CS1 was considered when approaching the visual sculpting of the CSR. From the feedneck down to the POPS, the CSR exudes a level of refinement and weight-saving purpose that takes it into modern day SL territory.



The IVCore was the first commercially available system to bring true decoupled breech-sensing valve technology to a system tuned for reliability and efficiency whilst being completely dwell insensitive. The large volume for the firing chamber, modified bolt port geometry and large adjustment range for the SFR give the CS platform its exceptionally smooth and consistent shot characteristics. The IVCore’s now trademark quiet sound signature and awe-inspiring soft shot gives the user a marker that produces very little kick and can be relied upon to deliver, no matter what the weather, terrain or game format.




The IVCore’s now trademark quiet sound signature and awe-inspiring soft shot gives the user a platform that produces very little kick and is a marker that you can rely on to deliver, no matter what the weather, terrain or game format my throw at you.