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GI Sportz Paintballs

GI Sportz Paintballs

G.I. SPORTZ was founded by a group of Professional Paintball Players and Business Owners with the goal of delivering the Player, Dealer and Field Owner the most innovative products designed to improve the level of performance, quality and overall playing experience surpassing all other Brands and Manufacturers in the history of the game we all love! Our Staff use their extensive playing experience and business knowledge to create innovative new products evolving and elevating the game to new heights.

Empire Paintballs

Empire Paintballs

Empire Paintball is the worldwide leader in the manufacturing and distribution of paintball sporting goods. Dedicated to quality, craftsmanship, and customer service, Empire Paintball embodies the sport of Paintball. Life, Function, Style. This defines Empire Paintball.

First Strike

Paintball First Strike Rounds

Utilizing a combination of aerodynamic shape and fin stabilization technology, First Strike paintballs maintain their velocity longer. The result is twice the range and unrivaled accuracy. Finally players have an alternative to accuracy by volume or backspin gimmicks that simply change trajectory. Become one of the first true paintball snipers with First Strike. Can be loaded individually into most paintball markers for unparalleled range and accuracy. Can be magazine fed with the Tiberius T8.1, or any Tiberius T9.1 FS marker.