Speedball Clothing

Speedball Clothing Paintball Badlands Canada

Paintball speedball clothing has been designed specifically for the paintball player and tournament-style play. This is where you will find all of the clothing that has been developed and engineered for maximum comfort and performance on the playing field. 

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Paintball Jerseys

Paintball Jersey Badlands Paintball Canada

Paintball jerseys are a functional piece of equipment that are designed to keep you comfortable and protected while you play. Features vary, but often include padded zones for better protection, ventilation zones to help keep you cool, and non-slip, rubberized areas to help keep your tank from slipping off your shoulder. 

Paintball Speedball Pants

Paintball Speedball pants Badlands Paintball Canada

While you can play paintball wearing any type of pants, the pants designed for specifically for paintball have evolved over time to give you the best combination of comfort and durability available. Most feature padded zones, reinforced knees, and stretch-zones where you need them, and incorporate heavy-duty materials, ventilation, and reinforced stitching.

Paintball Headwear

Paintball Headwear Badlands Canada

Proper headwear is a must when playing paintball. Headwraps and headbands serve the important function of keeping sweat from pouring down your forehead into your goggles and, ultimately, into your eyes.

Sure, you can play paintball in your jeans and a t-shirt - the same holds true for skiing and many other sports - but those players who chose the gear specifically designed for their sport will always have the edge on the field.