Paintball Lenses

One of your most important pieces of paintball gear is your paintball mask. The most important part of your mask is your paintball lens. The lens is what you see your game through and what keeps your eyes protected on the field. If your lens is damaged, it truly will affect your paintball game. Check out Badlands selection of replacement lenses for every playing style. 

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VForce Paintball Lens

Providing True and Accurate Vision along with Anti-Fog Technology Has become the core of VForce lens Technology. VForce HDR Lenses take it to the next level, designed to filter harsh sunlight for Zero Glare and Reduced UV while Enhancing Color, Clarity and Contrast. Vforce lenses have raised the bar for industry standards. Play your outdoor games in crystal clear vision no matter what weather conditions are, and do it style with an array of mirrored color choices

DYE Paintball Lens

DYEtanium Lenses allow you to improve your vision on the field with adjusted tints and optimal coatings for a wide range of weather and light conditions.

Empire Paintball Lens

Customize your Empire Paintball Goggles to meet your individual needs. Get the lens to suit every condition from yellow and clear lenses for low light conditions to mirror and ninja lenses for bright sun or under the stadium lights.

HK Army Paintball Lens

The KLR  Lens System is composed of virgin optical-grade GE polycarbonate--inherently UVA UVB and IR shielded, every KLR lens shields your eyes from dangerous sunlight in every playing condition The Pure interior thermal lens features 3M Foam Sealant, trapping a layer of cool barrier of insulating air, eliminating condensation and encouraging evaporative cooling.

JT Paintball Lens

JT lenses pass the American ASTM standard and the European EC Standard, but testing doesnt stop there. JT shoots them, stomps them, hits them with 1/4 inch steel balls at 400 fps, runs over them, and lets the dog chew them. And that proves one thing - JT lenses meet an even higher standard the JT Standard. With a fog-resistant coated thermal inner lens that can be cleaned with a micro fiber cloth.

Invert Paintball Lens

Customize your Invert goggles to meet your individual needs. Get the lens to suit every condition.

Proto Paintball Lens

The DYE/Proto Switch goggle system offers some of the premiere lenses in the paintball industry. With a variety of styles and colors available, you will never have a problem finding the best lens for your playing conditions. The tirodial lens gives the ultimate in vertical and horizontal peripheral vision. All lenses have perfect optical clarity and all Switch lenses provide 98% UV protection, insuring you have the best in performance.

Virtue Paintball Lens

The VIO lens is a large, dual thermal pane lens that prevents fogging, while the anti-scratch coatings prolong the life of the lens. Most important of all, the VIO lens can be changed in seconds to the Smoke, High Contrast or advanced Chromatic lenses.

Push Paintball Lens

Pushing the boundaries of protective eye wear technology. The Push Unite lens system gets the edge on the competition with its innovative,optically correct and performance based design. A textured chamfer edge located at the top of the lens helps reduce inner glare while providing a maximized field of view. Combined with the best anti fog coatings the optics industry has to offer allows for a crystal clear vision and for a fog free experience in any condition. 

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