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Paintball jerseys are a functional piece of equipment that are designed to keep you comfortable and protected while you play. Features vary, but often include padded zones for better protection, ventilation zones to help keep you cool, and non-slip, rubberized areas to help keep your tank from slipping off your shoulder. 

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Eclipse Paintball Jerseys

The Planet Eclipse jersey is one of the best jerseys in the sport and comes in a variety of colors. Each year the Planet Eclipse jersey is redesigned to meet the new trends that come about within paintball. Planet Eclipse Jerseys are made by paintball players for paintball players. Know that your Planet Eclipse jersey was specifically thought out and designed by a professional paintball player.

HK Army Jerseys

HK Army is proud to present you their paintball performance gear.. HK Army prides themselves on offering exquisitely designed products comprised of high grade materials. 

Most players wear their jerseys over-sized. This allows for additional clothing and padding (chest and/or elbow) to be worn underneath, and the extra folds of fabric make it less likely that a paintball will break if it hits. This is why most professional paintball players wear size 2X or larger, even if they would normally wear a medium sized t-shirt off the field.