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When buying a paintball gun, you want a model that offers the performance and features that suit your playing style. With so many models to choose from, finding the right paintball gun to suit your needs can be overwhelming. Badlands is here to help. 

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Tippmann Paintball Guns

Tippmann backs their A5, Platinum, X7, and TPX paintball guns with a 2 year manufacturer warranty against defects in material or workmanship. The Tippmann Bravo One paintball guns come with a 1 year manufacturer warranty against defects in material or workmanship.

Planet Eclipse Paintball Guns

Planet Eclipse Paintball GunsBadlands is proud to be the Official distributor for Planet Eclipse paintball guns in Canada. We sell more Egos, Geos, Eteks, and Etha paintball guns than anyone else in the country. We are the Planet Eclipse Warranty Center for Canada, and we have the only factory trained Eclipse techs as well.

Empire Paintball Guns

Empire Paintball GunsThe Empire brand has been around for more than a decade, during which time their focus was primarily on soft goods. Recently, Empire has revamped their branding strategy, and incorporated many sub-brands under the Empire umbrella.

BT Paintball Guns

BT Battle Tested Paintball GunsBadlands is the top BT paintball gun dealer in Canada! Empire Battle Tested, better known simply as BT, is at the forefront of scenario paintball gun design. Battle Tested is an appropriate name for this line of rugged and durable paintball guns, which work well in even the most adverse conditions. 

Dye Paintball Guns

Dye Paintball Guns Badlands paintball stocks more Dye paintball guns than any other paintball store in Canada. As the largest Dye paintball dealer in Canada, we are your best choice for the full selection of what Dye has to offer, stocking every model, and every color of the Dye DAM paintball gun and the current line of DM paintball guns.

GoG Paintball Guns

GOG Paintball Guns Badlands Canada

GOG Paintball GunsGOG Paintball created the eNMy paintball gun for the paintball player who is looking for a high performing paintball gun without the high performance maintenance or electronics. GOG Paintballs objective is to get you on the field Goggn with their high quality, accurate paintball guns.

Invert Mini Paintball Guns

Invert Empire GS mini Paintball gun Badlands Paintball Gear Canada

Badlands is the #1 Invert Dealer in Canada!

JT Paintball Guns

JT Paintball Guns Badlands Paintball Canada

JT Paintball GunsJT paintball has been providing paintball players with top notch paintball equipment for decades. Known for their popular paintball masks, JT also created an entry level paintball gun to help get newer paintball players started.

Killhouse Weapon Systems

Killhouse Weapon Systems Paintball Guns Badlands Canada

Killhouse Weapon Systems Paintball Guns

Badlands is the top supplier of Killhouse Weapon Systems upgrades and guns! Killhouse Weapon Systems, often abbreviated to KWS is a top manufacturer of paintball and airsoft upgrades. Killhouse Weapon Systems produces the top end Headhunter series of paintball barrels, as well as the popular Tactical Paintball Barrel line. 

Luxe ICE Paintball Guns

Redesigned for 2016, the new Luxe ICE paintball gun from DLX brings the Luxe into 2016 with an overhauled Luxe bolt engine, new lightweight milled body and frame, increased air efficiency and a killer new look.

The new Luxe ICE runs at 40psi, making the gun ultra soft on even the most brittle paint and a major increase to air efficiency. The Luxe ICE can shoot up to 1500 shots off a 68/4500 air tank, making you worry less about air and more about winning. Redesigned internals reduce friction and wear and tear on your gun resulting in fewer damaged o-rings and less overall maintenance - perfect for those who don't always clean their guns. Combined with new sleek milling and colour choices, the Luxe ICE is sure to turn heads at the field!

Proto Paintball Guns

Dye Proto Paintball Guns

Proto Paintball manufactures tournament paintball guns for players of all skill levels. Badlands Paintball stocks both the Proto Reflex Rail paintball gun and the Proto Rail paintball gun. Utilizing technology found in high end DM series markers, Proto paintball guns are able to pack a lot of performance based technology into a very cost effective package.  

SP Shocker Paintball Guns

SP Paintball Guns - Shocker RSX

Spyder Paintball Guns

Spyder Paintball GunsBadlands is the Canadian Distributor for Spyder Paintball guns. Spyder Paintball guns are a great choice for players of all levels looking for a reliable blow-back paintball gun. Spyder paintball guns with the EKO valve are the most efficient blow-back paintball guns on the market today.

Tiberius Paintball Guns

Tiberius Paintball Guns Badlands Canada

Tiberius Paintball GunsBadlands sells more Tiberius paintball guns than any other paintball store in Canada! The T8.1 is our best-selling pistol and for good reason - it simply out-performs all the competition! Due to its built-in regulator, the T8.1 is by far the most accurate and consistent paintball pistol on the market.

Cheap Paintball Guns

Cheap Paintball Guns Badlands Paintball Store

Cheap Paintball Guns Cheap paintball guns are a great way to get started when choosing your own equipment for the first time. Having your own equipment is a huge step up from rental paintball guns that get a lot of use. We stock cheap paintball guns that are durable and easy to maintain. 

Paintball Pistols

Paintball Pistols Badlands Canada

Paintball Pistols Paintball pistols are the most versatile paintball gun for the ultimate woodsball operator. It pays to have a dependable back up paintball gun in your arsenal in case your primary paintball gun runs out of air or springs a leak.

Mag Fed Paintball Guns

Magfed Paintball Guns Badlands Canada

Mag Fed Paintball Guns Mad Fed is short for Magazine fed, which is the design style the paintballs get into the paintball gun. Individual magazines must be placed into mag fed paintball guns vs the large size paintball hoppers. Players that want to get the most realistic milsim paintball experience use a mag fed paintball gun. 

Pump Paintball Guns

Pump Guns Badlands Paintball Canada

Pump Paintball Guns Get a pump paintball gun if you want to conserve your paintballs and keep to accurate shooting. Pump paintball guns let you govern exactly how much paint you shoot at your opponent without the option of spray and pray. 

Sniper Paintball Guns

Sniper Paintball Guns Badlands Canada

Sniper Paintball Guns Start making long range paintball eliminations with a Sniper Paintball Gun set up. Get a sniper paintball gun to gain the upper hand when you need to even the odds from a distance. You can effectively engage and eliminate your opponents from a range that keeps you safe. 

Since 1988 we have been the trusted source for Canadian paintball players looking for a paintball gun. Whether you are a new player looking to get your very first paintball gun, or a seasoned veteran who is looking for some serious firepower, we are certain that you will find something in our vast selection that will be that perfect fit.

Tippmann Paintball Guns

Tippmann has been making paintball guns since 1986 and they have always had the reputation of being durable and reliable. From the beginning, Tippmann paintball guns have been the first choice of many paintball field operators, and paintball players, alike. Whether you are looking for a simple, mechanical blow-back style marker, or a more sophisticated electro-pneumatic paintball gun, Tippmann has something to offer, with prices ranging from $109 to over $600 for a fully accessorized paintball gun. Badlands has been carrying Tippmann paintball guns since 1988, when we opened as Canada's first paintball store.

Planet Eclipse Paintball Guns

The inception of Planet Eclipse actually began as a small retail store called Paintball Planet in Manchester, England around 1994. Paintball planet sold equipment and upgrades for the existing paintball guns of the day. Their big break began around 2002 with the famous E-Blade upgrade for the autococker paintball gun. This revolutionized the autococker and initiated the development of higher performing autcocker paintball guns. Fast forward to the present and we have the line of amazing Planet Eclipse paintball guns such as the EGO LV1.1 PRO, EGO LV1, GEO 3.5, ETEK 5, and the ETHA. As the Canadian distributor of Planet Eclipse, Badlands maintains a large selection of the latest Planet Eclipse paintball guns and paintball equipment in stock.

Planet Eclipse has developed and produced some of the highest performing paintball guns across all types of valve designs including the poppet and spool valve engines. There isn’t a paintball gun in the market that can outlast the bullet proof durability and high end performance of a Planet Eclipse paintball gun.

BT Paintball Guns

Battle Tested (BT), Empire’s division of scenario style paintball guns and equipment has long been outfitting paintball players with the best gear to play scenario paintball. With their flagship markers like the BT-4 Combat and TM series paintball guns, BT always keeps up with the necessities of the scenario paintball player. With a large assortment of paintball gun variants, you can get exactly what fits your play style as a scenario paintball player. If you want a rugged paintball gun that needs little maintenance, the BT-4 Combat series is for you. If you are interested in high performance machines, look into the TM Series and D*Fender paintball guns.
No matter what your goal is, there is a BT paintball gun to help you be an effective player in a scenario paintball game.

DYE Paintball Guns

Since its foundation in 1994, Dye precision has been making top of the line paintball products with high end performance as its main priority. They are known for their incomparable lines of paintball guns, paintball masks, paintball hoppers and paintball clothing. Dye paintball has a flagship product in every aspect of paintball equipment such as the DM series paintball guns, the Dye i4 paintball mask, the legendary Dye rotor paintball hopper and their line of Dye UL paintball clothing. Dye paintball constantly pushes the limits of modern day paintball technology. The DM series paintball guns have been an evolution with almost twenty years of perfection at its core. Dye paintball continues to evolve their products to bring you some of the best equipment in paintball.

Empire Paintball Guns

Empire Paintball is one of the worldwide leaders in the manufacturing and distribution of paintball sporting goods. Dedicated to quality and craftsmanship, Empire Paintball embodies the sport of Paintball – Life, Function, and Style. Supplying numerous professional and recreation paintball teams, their products can be seen on almost any paintball field. This is with good reason; Empire Paintball produces products that fit the needs of every player no matter what age or skill level they are. Badlands is the largest dealer of Empire Paintball and keeps a huge variety on hand of all of the latest Empire paintball guns such as the Vanquish, Axe Pro, Mini GS, D*Fender and may more.

GOG Paintball Guns

GOG paintball guns are designed to be cost effective, high end performing paintball guns that require little maintenance. They are also one of the smoothest and quietest shooting mechanical paintball guns in the market that are easy to disassemble for simple easy maintenance.

JT Paintball Guns

JT paintball is a legendary brand that has been around since paintball has become popular. Amazing products such as the JT Proflex accompanied by the versatile Spectra lens. JT brings paintball equipment to all players of all levels who need the best price and the best quality. JT delivers paintball guns for beginner and intermediate paintball players. JT paintball guns are built to withstand a beating while still being easy to service and maintain. Get yourself on the field with a proven JT quality paintball gun.

Killhouse Weapon Systems Paintball Guns

Killhouse Weapon Systems has teamed up with BT Paintball to create the already amazing line of BT Omegas into Killhouse Weapon Systems enhanced paintball guns. Get a combination of durability from the BT Omega and the increased performance of Killhouse Weapon Systems tactical upgrades. With the Killhouse Weapon Systems Headhunter paintball barrel, you will discover your paintball flying straighter than ever with a tight target grouping. Let your opponents quiver when they see that you have come prepared with a performance enhanced Killhouse Weapon Systems BT Omega.

Luxe Paintball Guns

Luxe paintball guns have sustained a proven system since their inception. By making slight improvements since the Luxe 1.0, Luxe paintball guns have been consistently striving for perfection. With little change to the actual body of the Luxe paintball gun, it has become more user friendly with the external OLED display on the back of the grip frame. Built for comfort, function and high performance, Luxe paintball guns are what they are named, luxurious.

SP Paintball Guns

SP paintball has taken a famous paintball gun platform and reintroduced it to the paintball world. By redesigning a proven bolt platform and trimming all the fat, this paintball gun brand will amaze you with the SP RSX Shocker and all it has to offer. Made from aircraft grade aluminum, SP paintball has recreated the RSX Shocker to be as strong and as light as possible.