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When it comes to paintball clothing, Badlands has got you covered! Wearing the right paintball clothing will let you get down and dirty in clothing designed to be comfortable, durable, and functional.

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Speedball Clothing

Speedball Clothing Paintball Badlands Canada

Paintball speedball clothing has been designed specifically for the paintball player and tournament-style play. This is where you will find all of the clothing that has been developed and engineered for maximum comfort and performance on the playing field. 

Paintball Tactical Clothing

Tactical Clothing Paintball Badlands Canada

If you play paintball in the woods, then chances are you do not want to wear colorful tournament-style paintball jerseys and pants. Our selection of paintball tactical clothing allows you to outfit yourself with camouflage gear to get the edge you need in the woods, while not sacrificing comfort and performance.

Paintball Gloves

Paintball Gloves Badlands Paintball Shop Canada

Let's face it - paintballs can hurt, especially on the back of the hand or fingers. That's why a good pair of gloves can keep you in the game, playing at your best.

Lifestyle Clothing

Paintball Lifestyle Clothing Badlands Canada

If paintball is your passion, then let the world know with our wide selection of paintball lifestyle clothing.

Rain Gear

Rain Gear Badlands Paintball Canada

Stay dry in the worst of weather conditions with Rain Gear from Badlands Paintball!

We have divided our clothing section into 3 categories: Lifestyle Clothing: Designed for wearing off the field, lifestyle paintball clothing lets you represent your favorite paintball brand when you're not battling on the playing field.Speedball Paintball Clothing: Designed for tournament paintball use and tournament style of play. This clothing features padding and protection zones where you need them, so that you can run, dive, slide, crawl, and smash your way to victory in style.Tactical Paintball Clothing: These clothing lines are designed to help you blend into your environment, while offering you rugged gear engineered to stand up to the spills and thrills of scenario paintball.