Paintball Air Tanks

Paintball Air Tanks come in a variety of shapes, sizes and shot capacities. 

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CO2 Tanks

Paintball CO2 Tanks Badlands Canada

CO2 paintball air tanks are suitable for use with mechanically-triggered paintball guns, like those in the popular lines from Tippmann, Spyder, and the Battle Tested BT-4, Delta and Omega models. CO2 tanks are not suitable for use with Eclipse, Dye, Proto, Invert, and many Empire paintball guns. 

HPA Compressed Air Tanks

HPA Paintball Air Tank Badlands Canada

Compressed tanks are more consistent and are not subject to temperature fluctuations like CO2.   SAFETY ADVISORY: Never, under any circumstances, use oil or any petroleum based cleaner or lubricant in your compressed air regulator, tank or fill nipple. Petroleum based products can ignite when exposed to compressed air creating a serious safety hazard.

Tank and Bottle Covers

Paintball Air Tank Cover Badlands Canada

You need to protect your tank! You've spent a lot of money on that air tank, and if you chip or scrape your HPA tank and expose the fibers underneath, your tank cannot be filled - you now own an expensive paperweight. Protect your investment with one of these stylish tank covers today! 

Paintball Air Tanks

Ninja Paintball Tanks

Ninja Paintball was formed to provide quality air systems and accessories manufactured in the USA. Boasting first-rate warranty services, Ninja paintball fully backs all of their high quality paintball air tanks and paintball air tank parts and accessories. Ninja Paintball is an innovative brand introducing their new Ninja Super Light paintball tanks, which literally doesn’t outweigh the competition. Badlands is the #1 Ninja dealer in Canada.

Empire Paintball Tanks

Empire Paintball has been known for providing players with the equipment they can trust, that includes their paintball air tanks. Empire paintball air tanks are dependable and cost effective. Empire offers the classic 68/4500 carbon fibre paintball air tank to give you more are so you can stay on the paintball field longer. Additionally, for the serious shooter, you can upgrade to an Empire 68/4500 Ultra Carbon Fibre paintball tank for an even better performance.

GI Sportz Paintball Tanks

GI Sportz is well known for creating high performance paintball equipment. Their paintball tanks do not fall short of this. GI Sportz offers carbon fibre and aluminum paintball air tanks for the player that needs the highest performing paintball air tank.

Badlands is the largest GI Sportz dealer in Canada and will provide you with the highest performing paintball tanks and equipment.