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Paintball Air Tanks come in a variety of shapes, sizes and shot capacities. 

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Paintball CO2 Tanks

Paintball CO2 Tanks Badlands Canada

Paintball co2 tanks are suitable for use with mechanically-triggered paintball guns, like those in the popular lines from Tippmann, Spyder, and the Battle Tested BT-4, Delta and Omega models. 

HPA Compressed Air Paintball Tanks

HPA Paintball Air Tank Badlands Canada

All of the compressed air paintball tanks offered at Badlands are TC Stamp approved for use in Canada. Compressed air is an upgrade over using CO2. It offers a more consistent velocity and is not subject to temperature fluctuations like CO2. You won't have to adjust your velocity as much throughout the day. Compressed air paintball tanks come in a variety of tank sizes, colours, pressure ratings and materials such as carbon fibre or aluminium. An aluminium 48ci/3000 psi tank is a popular starter compressed air paintball tank. Most advanced players have carbon fiber paintball tanks due to the high capacity and lightweight. 

12 Gram CO2

12 Gram CO2 Cartridges Badlands Paintball Gear Canada

12 Gram Co2 Powerlets are used almost exclusively with paintball and airsoft pistols. They are usually inserted into the magazine or body of the gun. Once this happens you have a cheap and light air source for your pistol allowing you to achieve the maximum amount of mobility on the field!

Please Note: 12 Gram Co2 Powerlets are NOT reusable

Air Accessories

Air Accessories Badlands Paintball Gear Canada

Badlands knows that maintaining your tank can be just as important as maintaining your paintball gun. So we have a huge selection of replacement and upgrade parts for your paintball tank to ensure that you never have to miss a game due to tank failure.

Fill Stations

Fill Stations Badlands Paintball Gear Canada

Fill stations are use mainly by paintball fields to provide Co2 and HPA to a player. However that does not mean that it can't be bought by anyone. Anyone who wants to use a scuba tank or an air compressor to fill their paintball tanks is going to need a fill station. 

Remote Coils

Remote Coils Badlands Paintball Gear Canada

Mobility in paintball is important, having the ability to move quickly often determines the difference between success and failure. So get the bulky tank off your gun and keep it out of your way allowing you added mobility and comfort on the field. 

Tank and Bottle Covers

Paintball Air Tank Cover Badlands Canada

You need to protect your tank! You've spent a lot of money on that air tank, and if you chip or scrape your HPA tank and expose the fibers underneath, your tank cannot be filled - you now own an expensive paperweight. Protect your investment with one of these stylish tank covers today! 

Paintball Air Tanks

Empire Paintball Tanks

Empire Paintball has been known for providing players with the equipment they can trust, and that includes their paintball air tanks. Empire paintball air tanks are dependable and cost effective, and come with reliable standard output PSI regulator.

HK ARMY Paintball Tanks

Lightweight, stylish, and cutting edge, the HK ARMY line of paintball air tanks were developed to perform without breaking the bank. Lightweight carbon fiber tanks are paired with reliable aluminum regulators outputting a standard pressure of 800 PSI. Choose the Pro Regulator for added performance and great features like easily adjustable output pressure and a rotatable regulator cap so you can adjust the placement of your gauge and fill nipple.

Ninja Paintball Tanks

Ninja Paintball was formed to provide quality air systems and accessories manufactured in the USA. Boasting first-rate warranty services, Ninja paintball fully backs all of their high quality paintball air tanks and paintball air tank parts and accessories. Ninja Paintball is an innovative brand introducing their new Ninja Super Light paintball tanks, which literally doesn’t outweigh the competition. Badlands is the #1 Ninja dealer in Canada.

Tippmann Paintball Tanks

Rock solid paintball gear has always been associated with the Tippmann brand of paintball products and their HPA and CO2 tanks live up their reputation. All Tippmann tanks meet or exceed ASTM standards, and are made with the highest quality materials, and to the highest standards.