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Simply put, when you head out onto the paintball playing field, you need to carry extra paintballs with you. On the tournament field, you will be looking for a tight-fitting harness, with expandable loops to carry extra pods, while maintaining the smallest profile possible.

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Packs & Harnesses

Paintball Packs & Harnesses

From basic pouches that fit on your belt, to the high-end tournament packs used by professional paintball players, Badlands has the paintball pack and harness for you. 

Gun Holsters

Paintball Gun Holsters

If you want to carry a paintball pistol onto the playing field with you, then a holster is pretty much a necessity. Choose from stand-alone set-ups that attach to you belt or holsters with MOLLE straps designed to fit on your tactical vest.

Tactical Vest Attachments

Paintball Tactical Vest Attachments MOLLE

Pod pouches, grenade pouches, radio pouches, magazine pouches, utility pouches, tank pouches, pouches for this, and pouches for that, Badlands has a huge selection of MOLLE pouches to accessorize your tactical vest, from the top companies making tactical gear like Condor, Empire, and Tiberius Arms. Many pouches are available in multiple colors or patterns once you select them from those featured below.

Tactical Vests

Paintball Tactical Vests

Badlands has the paintball vest you need to enter the field prepared for battle! There are basically two types of vests used in paintball today, one with all the attachments included on the vest, and the other, a basic, modular type of vest that you customize with the accessories you want by using the MOLLE system of attachment. 

The paintball harness is also perfectly suited for woodsball players who want to carry extra pods, and maybe even carry their air tank on their back to lighten their paintball gun. For the scenario paintball player, a tactical vest is a must. Choose from ready built vests that come with extra pod, tank, and accessory pouches, or build your own vest choosing from our wide selection of MOLLE attachments, giving you maximum flexibility and choice, regardless of whether you play with pods, or are a mag-fed enthusiast.