Paintball Gun Upgrades

Paintball Gun Upgrades

Badlands carries a wide selection of paintball gun upgrades and accessories.We stock hundreds of paintball gun upgrades to choose from that can enhance your paintball gun. Add external paintball gun upgrades such as Bi-pods, Carry Handles, Bottomlines, Foregrips, Sight Rails, Gun Stocks, Tactical Lights, Lazers and Gun Shrouds. 

While External upgrades are great don't forget about upgrading your paintball gun internals, with replacement bolt's, regulators, and O-rings, Badlands has the gear that will keep you on the field and performing your best!

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BT Upgrades

Badlands Paintball carries a huge selection of upgrades for your Empire BT paintball guns. Adding upgrades to your BT gun can give you an advantage over your opponents. Badlands stocks everything you need for your Empire BT gun, from sights and scopes to lasers, flashlights, rail offsets and grenade launchers!

DYE Upgrades

Stay in the game longer with upgrades from DYE Precision. Badlands stocks a variety of magazines and accessories for your DYE DAM paintball gun. From 10 round DAM magazines to the DYE DAM Box Mag, Badlands is your number one source for DYE Upgrades!

Empire Upgrades

Empire Paintball Gun Upgrades

Exalt Upgrades

Improve your game with upgrades from Exalt Paintball. Exalt Paintball upgrades are perfect for your paintball gun. Exalt always keeps the player in mind when designing their upgrades. The Launch Bolt, which is soft-on-paint and air efficient, is perfect for players looking to shoot extra brittle paint and eliminate ball rollback. Grip Skins from Exalt provide players who find their Empire Axe or Mini a bit to slippery a textured grip which is easy to install and comfortable to hold.

Invert Mini Upgrades

The Mini is one of the smallest and lightest guns in paintball. Players love the Mini because of its compact size and easy to maintain design. Combining your Empire or Invert Mini with paintball gun upgrades from Badlands Paintball will improve your Mini's performance, helping to give you the edge over your opponents.

Planet Eclipse Upgrades

Badlands is the Official Distributor of Planet Eclipse products in Canada. When it comes to official upgrades for your Planet Eclipse Etek, Etha, GEO, EGO or LV1 paintball gun, Badlands is the place to go.

Killhouse Weapon Systems Upgrades

Killhouse Weapon Systems produces a wide variety of accessories for your paintball and airsoft guns. From sights and scopes to tactical rails and barrels, Killhouse Weapon Systems is all you need to win on the field.

Spyder Upgrades

Badlands Paintball carries a wide variety of upgrades for your Spyder paintball guns. Adding tactical upgrades to your Spyder paintball gun can give you a performance advantage over your opponent along with giving you a look and feel you desire. Badlands stocks everything you need for your Spyder gun, from extended barrels and spare magazines to front shrouds, upgraded bolts and electronic grips!

Tiberius Upgrades

Badlands Paintball carries an extensive variety of tactical upgrades for your Tiberius paintball guns. On the paintball field every possible advantage needs to be exploited to come out on top and performance or even aesthetic upgrades can help you gain that edge. Badlands stocks everything you need for your Tiberius gun, from air through stocks and spare magazines to front grips, sling mounts and rail covers!

Gun Stocks

Paintball Gun Stocks

Do you need a stock for your scenario paintball gun? In a word, YES!  A stock offers many benefits, and no woodsball marker should be without one. By stabilizing your marker as you take aim, a stock could help improve your accuracy. Many stocks include a sling mount - who wants to hold that heavy paintball gun when a sling can do the work for you? A stock makes your marker easier to maneuver. Put that heavy and bulky tank on your back and run a remote line to your gun. A stock improves the look of your marker and gives it a bad-ass, mil-sim look.

Mags and Magazine Conversion Kits

Paintball Mags and Magazine Kits

Badlands carries Tacamo paintball gun Magazine Conversion Kits so you can replace your paintball hopper with a magazine and experience more realism in your game.

Sights and Lasers

We are often asked is it worth mounting a sight on your paintball gun. The answer is a definite. "Yes!" While a paintball is nowhere near as accurate as a bullet, there is still much to be gained by having a sight on your paintball gun, because you will consistently shoot more accurately with one, than without. If you shoot Tiberius First Strike rounds, then a sight becomes even more important, because of the incredible accuracy of the First Strike paintball.

Sight Rails and Mounts

Badlands carries a wide selection of Picatinny sight rails and mounts for your paintball and airsoft gun. Whether you want to mount a flashlight, laser, scope, sling, or bipod, we have a great selection of mounts that will help you fit those targeting enhancements on your gun. Make sure to chose from our wide selection of rail covers to improve your grip on your gun, and protect your gloves and hands from sharp rail edges.

Video Cameras

Paintball Video Cameras

Capture all the action on a gun-mounted video camera system. Now you can prove to your friends that you really did sneak up and shoot 5 guys in the back. The camera never lies!

Paintball Gun Upgrades

Badlands carries a wide selection of paintball gun upgrades and accessories.We stock hundreds of paintball gun upgrades to choose from that can enhance your paintball gun. Add external paintball gun upgrades such as Bipods, Carry Handles, Bottom Lines, Foregrips, Sight Rails, Gun Stocks, Tactical Lights, Lasers and Gun Shrouds. Try  adding a Grenade Launcher or Magazine Conversion Kit to add a new function to your paintball gun. Some upgrades are specific to a certain brand or model. We stock upgrades the following paintball guns - Tippmann, Planet Eclipse, Empire BT, Dangerous Powers, Dye Paintball, Empire Invert Minis, Smart Parts, Spyder and Tiberius Arms. Each paintball gun upgrade will add a different enhancement to your paintball playing experience.

If you are looking for replacement parts for your marker, please check our Paintball Gun Parts section.

Batteries and Chargers

Get upgraded batteries designed for your paintball gear. Paintball Energy has designed their batteries specifically to power paintball gear. Paintball guns often use 9v batteries or even rechargeable 9.6v batteries. Paintball hoppers generally use either a 9v battery or AA batteries. Sights and Optics often use the flat 3v batteries or CR2032 batteries. Upgrade your paintball gear with our full line of batteries and chargers.


Get a steady shot from a stable shooting position using a Bi-pod upgrade. Minimize the use of your body to keep your paintball gun steady, let the Bi-pod do the work. Bi-pod upgrades are great when you are in a set position waiting for the right opportunity to take that crucial shot. Bi-pods can be folded up when they are not in use and pulled down in seconds to get your paintball gun ready. Action Bi-pods also known as "broomsticks" have a push button system for the bi-pod to spring out of the foregrip. The action bipod acts as standard foregrip when not in Bipod mode. Bipods are an essential upgrade to players who are putting together the ultimate sniper paintball gun set up.

Carry Handles

Carry handles upgrades add another way to lug your paintball gun around when you are not engaged in paintball action. Most carry handle upgrades can be attached to the top picatinny rail. Some carry handles act as a fixed sight option too. Additional picatinny rails can be added to the top of most carry handles for mounting optics above, using the carry handle as a riser. If you want your paintball gun to have a realistic military look, a carry handle upgrade is an key paintball gun upgrade.

Drop Forwards and Bottom Lines

Upgrade to a bottomline ASA upgrade that allows you to disconnect your air pressure with ease in the matter of seconds. A push button bottom line ASA adds the convenience of quickly releasing the air pressure in one easy push. Threaded bottom line ASA are easy to use by simply unthreading the front knobs. Often times upgraded bottom line kits will include an optional drop forward rail to bring your paintball air tank forward for a more comfortable position.

Fore Grips

Any paintball gun with a standard picatinny rail can add a fore grip upgrade. There are many styles to choose from that range in size, angle and multi function. The positions of most fore grip upgrades can be changed according to your preference as well as your shooting position. Adding a fore grip can improve your accuracy when you are firing your paintball gun by giving you a steady shot. For players who are setting up a realistic military look, a tactical fore grip is an essential upgrade.

Remote Coil Hoses

A paintball remote coil hose will relocate CO2 or Compressed Air Tanks from your paintball gun to a vest or harness attached to the player. Remote systems are very popular and come in variety of configurations that include straight hoses, steel hoses, coiled hose and dual hose set ups.

There are also options regarding the air adapters and on/off slide checks valves. Basic quick disconnects can easily be removed from your equipment but the tank adapter must be turned off. A slide check allows a player to simply move the check valve forward for easy removal of the paintball gun while keeping pressure in the line.

The air adapter comes included with remotes and threads right in place of where an air tank would go. There are other aftermarket accessories that allow you to run the air through the stock and connect your remote from the back to keep it tucked up out of the way. Killhouse Weapon Systems offers a few configurations with their Air Through Stock adapter.