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M203 Airsoft Grenade 120 BBs


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M203 Airsoft Grenade 120 BBs

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Drown your opponent in a blast of BBs with the M203 Airsoft Grenade 120 BBs. The M203 Airsoft Grenade 120 BBs holds 120 BBs, and unleashes them in a single push of a button. Built to work perfectly with our Paintball and Airsoft Grenade Launchers, the M203 Airsoft Grenade 120 BBs is your go to grenade for airsoft. Perfect for clearing rooms, or hitting multiple players, the M203 Airsoft Grenade 120 BBs can easily turn the tide of battle in your favour.

Quick and easy to use, the M203 Airsoft Grenade 120 BBs uses Green Gas to charge the cartridge. Simple fill for 2-3 seconds using Green Gas, load your ammunition and fire away!

Note: When pressurized these grenades are equivalent to a paintball or airsoft gun. Do not fill or operate without your paintball mask on. Do not point at anyone without proper safety gear. Point the grenade away from your face and body while filling and loading.




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Does fit!

Everyone should have this item in their kit along with smoke grenades.


      bb shower

      use this greande in close quarters to rain bb's down upon opponents. works fine with good spread.

      be Warned this WILL NOT FIT in the short grenade launcher by killhouse sold here. I found this out when i brought this grenade home and attempted to fit it with my short launcher. grenade is too long and the tube slide opening doesnt slide far enough.


      Return or Mod....

      so once again it was up to me to mod.You can notch out one side of the tube to gain the extra 1/2 inch or so and slide the grenade from that one side to load it. Thus its fully functional. on the short launcher the end of this grenade will be reccessed only 1/2' inside the tube due to the long nade/short tube.

      Its unfortunate i had to mod the launcher but would seem neccissary if you want to fire longer length grenades other than the smallest 40mm nades out there. Although i now have a very compact launcher that will now accept larger nades.

      This nade would be best suited to a full length launcher but others can be adapted for it.

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          M203 Airsoft Grenade 120 BBs

          M203 Airsoft Grenade 120 BBs

          M203 Airsoft Grenade 120 BBs

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