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LONEX Spiral Bevel Helical Pinion Gear Set


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These gears are designed to completely eliminate motor noise between the motor and the pinion gear. This is what creates the majority of the noise when the airsoft gun cycles to fire. Combine this with a great shimming job and the only noise you will be hearing from your gearbox is a compression stroke making you quiet and efficient on the field.

- Spiral bevel and pinion gear set
- Increased contact area between gears for better power transfer
- For use with LONEX geat sets ( standard )
- Pinion gear fits round shaped motor shaft




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Quiet Gearbox? Yes Please!

Was originally introduced to this by another airsoft enthusiast who installed them into his AEG and showed me the results. After installing the gears and re-shimming the box, I was very impressed at how almost all of the gear noise had been eliminated from the firing cycle. All I can hear when firing my gun is the cylinder stroke.

Note that you will need to remove the old motor gear and press fit the new helical one in place. Specialized tools are required, so this may be worth taking to a tech for install if you aren't comfortable with going inside of your gearbox.



      I was first introduced to this modification by a fellow airsoft enthusuiast who purchased it, and brought their motor to me to have the new gear fitted. They brought the AEG back in after they finished installing and tuning the kit and I was VERY impressed by how much gearbox noise had been reduced. I decided to try it for myself and ordered a set for my ICS MARS rifle. You will require specialized tools to remove and replace the motor pinion gear, so check with your local pro-shop to find someone who can replace this gear for you if you do not have the tool yourself.

      Helical gears are less forgiving than standard straight-cut gears, so you need to be precise in fitting and tuning. After fitting and adjusting motor height, there was a significant reduction in gear noise during the firing cycle, to the point where all I could hear was the compression stroke of the piston and the engagement between the sector gear and the piston. I will be putting these kits into all of my aeg rifles.

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          LONEX Spiral Bevel Helical Pinion Gear Set

          LONEX Spiral Bevel Helical Pinion Gear Set


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