HPA Compressed Air Paintball Tanks

HPA Paintball Air Tank Badlands Canada

All of the compressed air paintball tanks offered at Badlands are TC Stamp approved for use in Canada. Compressed air is an upgrade over using CO2. It offers a more consistent velocity and is not subject to temperature fluctuations like CO2. You won't have to adjust your velocity as much throughout the day. Compressed air paintball tanks come in a variety of tank sizes, colours, pressure ratings and materials such as carbon fibre or aluminium. An aluminium 48ci/3000 psi tank is a popular starter compressed air paintball tank. Most advanced players have carbon fiber paintball tanks due to the high capacity and lightweight. 

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Tippmann HPA Compressed Air Tanks

Tippmann HPA Compressed Air Tanks

Guardian HPA Compressed Air Tanks

Guardian HPA Air Tanks Badlands Paintball Gear Canada

Guardian Paintball HPA tanks are high quality air systems that Badlands is able to sell at very competitive prices because we deal directly with the manufacturer. We are able to use our massive buying power to cut out the middlemen, and deliver the best possible prices to our customers. Guardian aluminum paintball air tanks come with a one-year warranty against manufacturer defects, and Guardian carbon fiber tanks come with an industry leading 2 year warranty against manufacturer defects. In our opinion, there are no better paintball air systems available today.

Ninja HPA Compressed Air Tanks

Ninja HPA Air Tanks Badlands Paintball Gear Canada

Ninja Paintball was formed to provide quality air systems and accessories manufactured in the USA. Ninja promises superior products and customer service. Badlands is the #1 Ninja dealer in Canada.

GI Sportz HPA Compressed Air Tanks

GI Sportz HPA Compressed Air Tanks

Why switch from CO2 to compressed/HPA (High-Pressure Air)?
Compressed tanks are more consistent and are not subject to temperature fluctuations like CO2. Compressed tanks can be filled using a scuba fill station once you have purchased a scuba tank from a local dive shop.Badlands strongly recommends that you use a fill-nipple cover on your HPA compressed air paintball tank. A fill-nipple cover will help keep dirt and debris out of your regulator and save you costly repairs down the road.
SAFETY ADVISORY: Never, under any circumstances, use oil or any petroleum based cleaner or lubricant in your compressed air regulator, tank or fill petroleum-based products can ignite when exposed to compressed air creating a serious safety hazard.