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HK Army Zero-G Harness 4+3+4 Slime


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HK Army Zero-G Harness

The HK Army Zero-G Paintball Harness is one of the most advanced, strapless harnesses on the market. Delivering you a 100% strapless design and cutting-edge Tension Control technology, the Zero-G Harness is in a class of its own.

The Zero-G Harness is the first in paintball to incorporate an adjustable pod tightening system called Tension Control. Located behind the anti-slip, lumbar support back-padding, the Tension Control system allows a user to freely adjust the strength of tension on the inner-elastic of the pod holster. This will allow for high performance on the field year after year, regardless of pod sizing! The Zero-G will firmly hold and protect any size pod on the market. 

Without straps in the way players can insert and release pods with ease. Performance is important, but so is comfort and longevity. The Zero-G Harness is durable, lightweight and incorporates compressed foam pod holsters, built-in hip pad protection, dual adjustable elastic waistbands, anti-slip lumbar support back-padding, and a clean TPR finish on the exterior. 

  • 100% Strap Free
  • Tension Control Technology
  • Compressed Foam Pod Holsters
  • Padded Mesh
  • Tension Driven Inner-Elastics
  • Hip Padding
  • Anti-Slip Lumbar Padding
  • Low Profile Design
  • TPR Finish
  • Holds 11 Pods




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Great pod pack!

this pack was actually a bit of a surprise to me, from the photos, you'd think it's slim, and maybe a bit uncomfortable, but the padding is thick enough, between the pods and your back, that all you feel is a comfortable snugness all the way around. It grips your pods very well, I have not had a single dropped pod, yet getting pods in and out is smooth as butter. The materials used to make it are excellent, and so is the quality of the construction.

Hands down the pest pack I've ever owned.


      The zero-g is amazing, love this pack!

      Speedball pack! But can be used in rec or woods ball just be prepared to practice putting them back in your
      pack while playing those two types of styles. Recommend this pack to any fellow baller!

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          HK Army Zero-G Harness 4+3+4 Slime

          HK Army Zero-G Harness 4+3+4 Slime

          Pods Not Included

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