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Paintball and Airsoft Grenade Launcher 6" by Killhouse Weapon Systems


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Paintball and Airsoft Grenade Launcher 6"

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Wreak havoc and intimidate the competition at the field with the 6" Paintball and Airsoft Grenade Launcher. This 6" Paintball and Airsoft Grenade Launcher is compact and easy to use in close quarters, as well as outdoors.

Installing the Paintball and Airsoft Grenade Launcher is a breeze. It attaches onto any picatinny rail. Mount it underneath your barrel for that classic look, or get creative and mount it wherever you have rails.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Accepts M203 .68 cal Grenades, M203 .43 cal Grenades, and M203 120 rd Airsoft BB Grenades (sold separately).
  • Durable all-metal construction
  • Hard-core realism for your mil-sim paintball gun.
  • Click the release, slide open the chamber, insert your M203 Grenade, slide the chamber shut, lock the chamber, and you're ready to go. Do this in front of your competition for maximum intimidation.
  • Push-button safety.
  • Uses metric screws to install on your picatinny rail. 3mm allen key required.




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Nice compact G-launcher but,May need Mod

Well, i have to say i was really disapointed to start off with 'out of the box'. Combination of short mounting bolts and poor female threading on brackets lead to not being able to mount it on my rails! took it back and tech kindly tried to assist with finding a substitute bolt at a hardware store.although on picking it up and once again trying to mount it failed. the weak female threads and new bolt (still to short) broke when tested to withstand the weight of the gun.

In frustration i set forth to fix this myself.i drilled out the threads found 2 similar diameter bolts with long shafts and two quality nuts and it mounted fine. tiny bit of paint to make it match and it was done. now sturdy enough to pick up by the launcher and not worry about it breaking off ever.

having said all that this launcher is compact and very functional.It is priced well. Will look great and work well as an attachment to your of performance will depend on the Grenade you fire from it.

But having to fix something as basic as mounting hardware out of the box is unacceptable! So beware.

Due to the above i generously give this a 3/5


      Grenade Launcher

      The Grenade Launcher is a great buy and I highly recommend it, its easy to use and assemble. Only problem is that it doesn't come with the actual grenade part so you do actually have to buy that but you an it buy for $30 on Badlands.

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          Paintball and Airsoft Grenade Launcher 6" by Killhouse Weapon Systems

          Paintball and Airsoft Grenade Launcher 6" by Killhouse Weapon Systems

          Paintball and Airsoft Grenade Launcher 6"

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