GI Sportz Paintballs

GI Sportz Paintballs

G.I. SPORTZ was founded by a group of Professional Paintball Players and Business Owners with the goal of delivering the Player, Dealer and Field Owner the most innovative products designed to improve the level of performance, quality and overall playing experience surpassing all other Brands and Manufacturers in the history of the game we all love! Our Staff use their extensive playing experience and business knowledge to create innovative new products evolving and elevating the game to new heights.

GI Sportz Paintballs There are 5 products.


GI Sportz has a star system to help guide you when selecting a paintball. The system they use is as follows.


4-Star Tournament Paintballs

Engineered for Tournament Performance

  •          Solid colour dark metallic shell for stealthy flight
  •          Ultra-bright, broad marking tournament fill
  •          Pin point accuracy for one shot eliminations
  •          Tournament brittleness for long range breakability


3-Star Competition Paintballs

Engineered for Competitive Performance

  •          Dual color metallic shell for competitive brittleness and increased visibility
  •          Printed flat shells for foliage penetration and hard-to-see trajectory
  •          Bright, broad marking BIO FILL Pro formula combined with increased accuracy and brittleness providing a Competitive Edge


2-Star Strategic Paintballs

Engineered for Increased Performance

  •          Dual colour shell for use in all paintball guns
  •          Increased accuracy and brittleness
  •          Bright easy-to-clean environment friendly BIO FILL formula


1-Star Recreational Paintballs

Engineered for Consistent Performance

  •          Dual tone robust shell for use in all paintball guns
  •          Economical price point for Training and Recreational use
  •          Bright easy-to-clean environment friendly BIO FILL formula


WINTER - Sub Zero Paintballs

Engineered for Cold Weather Performance

  •          Robust Shell to withstand winter conditions down to -20C / -4F
  •          Bright marking SBZ FILL
  •          Easy tracking bright dual colour shell
  •          Printed "Snowflake" for cold weather certification