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Gen-X Tactical Vest Black


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Gen X Global Inc


This entry-level vest features:
  • Adjustable shoulder straps and sides using velcro
  • Removable washable conturing foam padding
  • Moveable radio pouch
  • Hydration unit sleeve (bladder not included)
  • 10 round tube holders
  • Moveable 4+2 vertical harness - holds up to 6 pods
  • Holds up to a 68 cu in tank in the tank pouch

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Excellent quality, fair price

My friend has this vest, so when I saw it on sale, I picked one up for a great price. I used to carry my pods and tank on my back in a speedball-style belt, but I'm kinda skinny, so it kept falling. I was even considering buying suspenders just to keep everything up. I tried the vest out on the field minutes after buying it, and loved it! It holds my tank great, is super comfy, and I love how adjustable it is! The day after, I kept discovering new feature after new feature while I was taking a good look at it. I haven't had enough time to give any thoughts on durability, but my friend's has lasted him for years of rigorous play, and I suspect that I, as the more careful and less front-line one, will have even more time with it. Even so, this vest may have some psychological effect, because I felt much more secure and confident (and less afraid of paint) than I was before. I would definitely recommend it. Hint of advice: get it in black. It goes with every colour (including all types of camouflage), blends in really nicely in the dark, and gives you that 'tacticool' feeling. Besides, why not go with the colours Navy SEALs and SWAT teams prefer?


      Great vest

      Great quality and tons of storage. Wear it for woods all and I love it. Pods are super easy to get at and put back after filling your hopper in the field. I run 4x 140 ball pods and there is a lot of room for expansion. Tank stays secure and the weight is distributed very well. Is easy to put on and take off between games. You could easily take a 1000 balls with you into the fight, plus what's in your hopper.


          I wouldn't think twice about buying this

          very helpful


              All black, good storage for pods/tank

              I bought this because I wanted to use a remote line and put my aluminum tank on my back. It holds a good amount of pods (up to 9 pods). The three front pod pockets are suppose to hold small 50 paintball pods, but 100 and 140 paintball pods fit in the pockets just fine. I've got plenty of extra pockets for field gear, wallet, and mobile phone, etc. I was going for the night-ops look (all black), so this was perfect more me. Its velcro so it'll fit all shaft and sizes, nice and snug.

              The bad stuff: it gets a little warm. I play indoor, so I'm not sure how I'd feel about playing in the sun. You'll have to buy a breathable shirt to wear under this. Also, the velcro seems to catch in the washing machine. I've washed it 4 times now and its starting to look a little frayed , but its hardly noticeable. I would like it if it had more straps (it only has one) so I could use other non-velcro attachments.

              I would recommend this to anyone that plays indoor or at night.


                  GREAT VEST!

                  I really love this vest. I just walk around my house in it because its sooo comfortable. The pockets are easy to reach and it feels really light, even fully loaded. Best vest EVER.


                      Good Buy

                      The Gen-X Tactical Vest is a great buy. The main thing is it wont burn a whole in your wallet. It is capable of holding 6 pods, water bladder, walkie-talkie, grenades, and much more. It is extremely comfortable with good padding. If you're anything like me you don't like getting hit in the stomach/chest, wearing this vest you wont even feel it. With that point being added a con is, it's a bit heavier than other vests, but still very light.


                          good low budget vest

                          This is great for woodball but remember before buying this, if you fall on your back your tank will kill you back :P, other than that its a good low budget tactical vest.

                          p.s : buying a tactical vest is useless unless you plan on carrying lots of stuff ( grenades, smoke bombs, radio,cellphone,rocket launcher, etc )


                              most amazing vest

                              the best thing about the vest is that if you get shot you wont feel it

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                                  Gen-X Tactical Vest Black

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