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Gen-X Pod 140 Clear


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Gen-X Pod 140 Clear 

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Gen-X Pod 140 Clear - Standard pod holds 140 paintballs. Great snap-lid, won't pop open easily and spill your paintballs. Fits any standard size harness. Pods are sold individually.




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gen-x pod 140 clear

the gen-x pod is durable and can take a hit but when im out there on the field it is kind of hard to open and it hurts my fingers trying to open it. so i would suggest opening and closing the lid for like 3 mins so it breaks in


      Really good pods

      Like i said they are really good just when you get them practise opening and closing because they will be hard at first and you have to close them good


          Great Pod

          Fits great, overall a good cheap pod. I have never had one open on accident and they always have a nice 'pop' to them when you open them.

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              Gen-X Pod 140 Clear

              Gen-X Pod 140 Clear

              Gen-X Pod 140 Clear 

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