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Gen-X 50 Round Gravity Loader Black View larger

Gen-X 50 Round Gravity Loader Black


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This compact loader holds 50+ Paintballs and is compact enough to fit in your backback.

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Gen X Global Inc


This compact loader holds 50+ Paintballs and is compact enough to fit in your backback.

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Cheap for a reason

Cheap, nice size for a pump, but feeds terribly. It'll jam up constantly even if regularly shaken.


      Low profile, Low feed rate

      So as most of us know now.. This hopper is horrid in regards to feed rate. However.. That being said, this hopper can be modified very quickly and easily with either a knife, a file, or sandpaper... or all of the above.

      I chose a pocket knife & file to cut and shape the material inside the hopper, around the feed port.

      Once done, it removes sharp angles and increases the feed rate by approximately 30-40%. Absolutely usable and tolerable now.


          Does not feed.

          Fails to feed balls consistently and constantly jams. There are much better 50rd hoppers out there. Don't waste your money.


              Terrible loader

              First off, the loader only holds 40 balls and that is jammed to the lid. Secondly it jams like crazy! Even with 5 balls left, its brutal. I will never actually use this hopper.


                  Good for the price.

                  For the price this is a good low ammo hopper. Although the lid does open a little too easily and it is a shake and shoot sometimes, it works. I use it on my limited ammo markers and my pumps, typically for those applications it works just fine. One thing I noticed was that the feed neck is abnormally wide, but it can be squeezed into any feed neck I have come across with a bit of elbow grease. Until there are low capacity electric force feed hopper on the market, this hopper will be a good option for those looking to play with limited ammo.



                      This thing was absolutely awful. The low profile and lightweight was great, until I realized I had to shake it like fries in a fryer to get it to feed. It was jamming every two or three shots, and that was with me leaving 20 out. I hear you can improve the feed rate by sanding down the inside near the feedneck, I never had a chance to though...The icing on the cake was when the top was literally sheared off after getting hit by a paintball. It was hit near the hinge for the lid, and it blew the lid as well as the hinge piece right off. [$] right down the drain after half an hour...All in all, not pleased at all.


                          There's got to be better out there

                          There's a huge problem with this hopper. The feed neck is sharp and angular, so the balls get jammed up in there. If you fill this hopper 100% you're going to have to shake it a lot to get the first 10 balls to drop. Once you're down to 70% full, it tends to feed a lot better. I play pump, and there's NOTHING worse than missing a feed, let alone twice, and getting gogged because your gun dry fired twice.


                              Works, but jams.

                              I use this on a Empire Trracer. I've had a few jams that require a lot of shaking to get it feed properly. It works the majority of the time, but you'll probably experience a jam once a game. It's the way the nose of the hopper was created. It holds a ball in the nose then a couple get stuck in behind that which blocks the feed hole. Be sure to not to fill the hopper when your playing. Leave room for wiggle and shaking. I've read better reviews for the Winchester 50 round hopper. This one gets the job done though.

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                                  Gen-X 50 Round Gravity Loader Black

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