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G&G Maintenance Box


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G&G Maintenance Box

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G&G Armament


Keep your G&G Airsoft gun in good shape with the G&G Maintenance Box. Loaded with spare parts, the G&G Maintenance Box comes with plenty of spare parts to keep you in the game.


7 x Bolt Plate (TT-BLK-B01-055)
3 x Bolt Plate for MP5 (TT-MP5-BLK-B02-056)
5 x Anti-Reversal Latch for GC (GR16-CM-B03-044)
5 x Anti-Reversal Latch for GT (TT-BLK-B04-044)
2 x Wire Set (Front Type) (TT-BLK-B05-F-WIRE)
2 x Wire Set (Rear Type) (TT-BLK-B05-1-R-WIRE)
5 x Fure Set (CM16-CAR-B05-2-077)
20 x Tappet Spring (TT-BLK-B06-051)
20 x Trigger Switch Spring (TT-BLK-B07-031)
20 x Fuse (TT-BLK-B08-FUSE)
2 x Piston (TT-BLK-B09-012)
20 x Anti-Reversal Latch Spring (TT-BLK-B10-032)
20 x Trigger Spring (TT-BLK-B11-030)
20 x E-Clips (TT-BLK-B12-1-062)
5 x Piston Head for GC (TT-BLK-B12-013)
20 x Air Nozzle Rubber (TT-BLK-B13-041)
10 x Hop Up Rubber (TT-BLK-B14-RUBBER)
20 x O-Ring (TT-BLK-B15-026)
2 x No. 1 Gear (TT-BLK-B16-026)
2 x No. 2 Gear (TT-BLK-B17-027)
2 x No. 3 Gear (TT-BLK-B18-028)
20 x 8mm Oilless Bearing (TT-BLK-B19-046)
10 x 8mm Ball Bearing (GR16-B20-046)
20 x Screw-S (TT-BLK-B21-SCR-S)
20 x Screw-M (TT-BLK-B21-1-SCR-M)
20 x Screw-L (TT-BLK-B21-2-SCR-L)

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G&G Maintenance Box

G&G Maintenance Box

G&G Maintenance Box

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