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Foregrip with Action Bi-pod


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Killhouse Foregrip with Action Bi-pod. Designed for the scenario player, works great on your Tippmann or BT marker, or any gun with Weaver (Picatinny) style mounts.

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Killhouse Weapon Systems


  • Designed for the scenario player, works great on your Tippmann or BT marker, or any gun with Weaver (Picatinny) style mounts.
  • Push the button and a bipod comes out the bottom.
  • James Bond never had it so good.
  • 6" long when collapse, 9" long when open.

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Its better than what everyone says.

You can say it helps with your steadiness. In the end its something cool to add to your gun that can help you be a bit better. But the big thing i can that everyone is hating on is how weak it is. So when i tired mine the screw was trash. Go to a hardware store and pick yourself up a 10-32 x 1-1/2. It makes everything just perfect. Theres no wobble no falling off, Just perfect. This is where the company should maybe upgrade there screw spend maybe 0.10 cents more to change it and it would be perfect.


      very poorly made

      i got this as a gift, and before i even got it to the field it broke. i have know 2 other people who have used these and both of them have also broken. The internal clip that holds the bi-pod legs inside the foregrip is a very small brittle piece of plastic even a minor impact will break it. i would recommend avoiding this product and buying a metal bi-pod instead.


          Do Not Buy

          Looked great at the store, went to an indoore match set it up on a barrel and the leg snaped off of the bipod i would suggest getting a metal bipod


              Pretty good

              It was great. Looked good on my gun. Caught the mesh at the side of a map and one side snapped off. It improves accuracy and is very lightweight.


                  not bad

                  not bad just i think my siera is a little to heavy for it, to be honest i feel like im going to break it.
                  I am suppriced at how its holding up tho, i spayed some silicone inside the spring so it clicks in easier so far im liking it more than my 1st impression


                      Update on last comment

                      Took product to Paintball City, broke one of the legs off in the second game. Worst product I've ever bought for my gun. Do Not Purchase.


                          You get what you pay for.

                          Firstly the Bi-Pod is flimsy and feels like it will break under the guns weight. Secondly it did not fit on my pictinny rail, I had to shave off some groves and it still didn't fit proper. It's the cheapest foregrip, and thats the only thing it has going for it. If I could do it again, I would spend a few more bucks and purchase a metal or stronger plastic one.


                              good for the price

                              to my knowledge this is the cheapest for grip you can buy, and that is the main selling point of this product. the quality is quite low, have had lots of problems with the bi-pod i.e.: getting stuck out, won't deploy, flops over

                              in simple its cheap and thats the best part!


                                  Great grip terrible bi-pod

                                  I got this because I wanted both a grip and a bipod. This gave me both, for a while. When I buy things for paintball, I want them to withstand the aggressive sport that it is. I went to set up the bipod, put it on a turret station, and the whole internals came apart. I now use it strictly for a grip, mostly cuz it does nothing better than that.



                                      I love this grip. I have it on a Tiberius Ranger. Fast to deploy, very stable. Gives a great sniper base with the first strike rounds. Just a tiny bit of wiggle in the grip, but not enough to make a difference, just enough to not give it five stars. I will be buying a second to mount on my H&K 416.


                                          Great Addition

                                          Both my son and I added these to our Tippman Alpha Black/Bravo One guns. On these guns because there is no rail on the front shroud, one must be added first. Not a big deal but took a little creativity to install. Other than that these folding bi-pods work amazing. They add stability when shooting from a standing position as well as laying prone or resting your gun on an object. A simple push of the button and your forward grip turns into a bi-pod. Not only do they work well but they look really cool too!!



                                              I use this bi-pod mostly in my backyard shooting targets with my TPN Sierra One. Pressing the button makes the bi-pod pop right out, and its sturdy when you use it as a foregrip. My only complaint is you have to shove it in when your not using the bi-pod but that's no big deal. It's very worth it, i love it

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                                                  Foregrip with Action Bi-pod

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