Empire Vanquish Paintball Gun

Super smooth. Super quiet. Super accurate. These describe the Empire Vanquish Paintball Gun perfectly. Designed for performance minded players, the Empire Vanquish Paintball Gun brings with it everything you would expect in a high end paintball gun.

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Empire Vanquish Paintball Guns

Using an adapted Pressure Balanced Spool Valve Engine, the Empire Vanquish reduces first shot drop off, and increases efficiency. The innovation doesn't stop there! The Vanquish takes advantage of a hyper-accurate pressure transducer, replacing the gauge while provide input pressure readings and a large OLED screen and 5 way joystick. Not only does the Empire Vanquish sport these great new features, it also uses a single push button to remove the internals, and a hinged body for easy access to the board and USB interface. Order your Empire Vanquish today and conquer your foes with ease!