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Empire Paintball GunsThe Empire brand has been around for more than a decade, during which time their focus was primarily on soft goods. Recently, Empire has revamped their branding strategy, and incorporated many sub-brands under the Empire umbrella.

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Empire Axe Pro Paintball Gun

The all-new Axe Pro is a battle-hardened axe designed for warfare.  The mad genius of Empires R&D team took a great marker and tweaked, refined and re-designed it to create the original Axes new big brother.

Empire Axe Paintball Gun

Wield the AXE paintball gun and dominate on the paintball field. The new shape and extended grip frame give you a comfortable firing position for all day play. The Empire Paintball Relay On/Off Regulator ASA makes air bottle removal using the lever, quick and easy.

Empire Delta Paintball Gun

The highly successful Empire Delta paintball gun line is now officially licensed by HK.  The Empire BT Delta offers you realistic milsim mechanical paintball gun, ideal for those who love the MP5 look. The Delta can be upgraded with the BT Rip Clip and the BT Ekectronic frame. The Empire BT Delta Elite pulls all the stops, and gives you all the top performance add-ons BT offers - the BT Apex barrel, the BT Electronic multi-mode grip frame, and the BT Rip Clip sound-activated, force-fed loader.

Empire BT TM-15 Paintball Gun

The Empire BT TM-15 is the best scenario paintball gun that Empire offers. This lightweight, electro-pneumatic, platform is packed with features that will ensure that you are never out-gunned on the battlefield. 

Empire Mini GS Paintball Gun

The Empire Mini paintball gun is one of the most popular entry-level tournament paintball guns on the market. The Empire Mini is light, super-compact, and very reliable.  The Empire Mini paintball gun uses Cocker threaded barrels.

Empire Sniper Paintball Gun

Empire has re-launched a paintball legend, the Sniper pump paintball marker. Originally created in 1986 by Bud Orr, the Sniper became the foundation for WGP, and the game-dominating Autococker. Many feel, including those of us at Badlands that remember the original, that the Sniper is the most accurate paintball pump gun ever made. Empire has taken the original design and made it even better. If you are looking for the ultimate paintball pump gun, this is it.   

Empire Omega Paintball Gun

Empire has re-launched the popular BT Omega as the Empire Battle Tested Omega paintball gun. This new Battle Tested Omega now comes with an APEX ready barrel, removable sight rail, and now accepts the Battle Test Rip Clip and the Empire BT Electronic Grip frame.

Empire Vanquish Paintball Gun

Super smooth. Super quiet. Super accurate. These describe the Empire Vanquish Paintball Gun perfectly. Designed for performance minded players, the Empire Vanquish Paintball Gun brings with it everything you would expect in a high end paintball gun.

Empire BT-4 Slice Paintball Gun

The new BT-4 Slice features a new flip top design that allows players to gain access to their BT-4 Slice internals in seconds. This has enabled players at fields to easily clean out breaks or dirt from their BT-4 Slice and be back on the field. The BT-4 Slice can even be taken apart while you are on the field. By simply removing a pin, you can open your BT-4 Slice Paintball Gun up, clean a break and close it, all while having a pressurized gun! 

Empire Resurrection Autococker Paintball Gun

The Empire Resurrection Autococker Paintball Gun is breathing new life into the famous Autococker platform. Styled after the Autococker, the new Empire Resurrection Autococker features a closed bolt system for improved accuracy, 6 piece Sniper Barrel Kit, Quick Lever On/Off ASA, Adjustable LPR and more. Order your Empire Resurrection Autococker Paintball Gun today and experience the Autococker like never before!

Now, you will find such well known paintball guns the Mini and the BT line of scenario markers under the Empire paintball gun brand. The Empire Axe paintball gun was the first paintball gun released under the Empire brand.
Based on the tried and true Invert Mini paintball gun platform, the improvements introduced with the Empire Axe have created a reliable, tournament winning, paintball gun.
Badlands is proud to be the #1 Empire paintball gun dealer in Canada!

Empire Mini GS Paintball Guns

The Empire Mini GS is the improved version of the classic Invert Mini paintball guns. With the new version, you only need two hex wrenches to fully dismantle the Mini GS paintball gun. Sharing the same relay ASA regulator as the Vanquish and Axe Pro, you no longer have to battle the pressure of your paintball air tank when airing up or degassing. The new Relays ASA is also more sleek and low profile than the original Mini ASA. When you pull the trigger on the Mini GS paintball gun, you will notice the newly added micro switch for added precision when adjusting the trigger settings. To complete the overhaul, the Empire Mini GS paintball gun has been outfitted with rubber wrap-around grips for increased grip in every weather condition.

Empire Axe Paintball Guns

The Empire Axe paintball gun is like the big brother of the Empire Mini. The Axe paintball gun shares the same internal valve technology that was pioneered in the Mini only in a larger design. It comes complete with a fully adjustable trigger, integrated on/off Relay regulator, and an easy out the back bolt ejection button. The Axe paintball gun is a low maintenance high performing tournament style machine. The Axe paintball gun has performed on the proving grounds of some of the biggest professional tournaments demonstrating that this mid-level paintball gun comes with the highest performing results.

Empire Axe Pro Paintball Guns

The Empire Axe Pro is the product of a complete overhaul of the original Axe paintball gun. The Axe Pro paintball guns come outfitted with high end performance upgrades such as the Redline board with OLED display, and stock two piece Driver XX barrel system. The Axe Pro has improved the original Axe in all aspects with easily serviceable eyes, simple push button bolt removal design, and only two hex wrench sizes needed for the entirety of the Axe Pro paintball gun. No more set screws for ASA mounting. Standard autococker threading allows you to use all of your favourite autococker paintball barrels rather than switching to a different barrel threading.

Empire Vanquish Paintball Guns

Welcome to Empire’s super high end paintball gun, The Vanquish. The Empire Vanquish paintball guns have been redesigned to perform at an even higher level than its predecessor. Improving the shot profile, the Empire Vanquish now shoots even quieter and smoother than before with the new engine pressure balanced airflow. Easy to adjust trigger adjustment and a new sleek design to the body provide increased comfort and cosmetic appeal. The proven Vanquish paintball gun bolt system is now a single button push to eject the bolt system for quick and easy maintenance. Everything that you need is in the case that the Vanquish paintball gun comes in. The Vanquish includes computer controlled software to change your settings and update firmware.

Empire Resurrection Autococker Paintball Guns

The Empire Resurrection paintball gun is the classic Autococker reborn. Its Sniper-like body gives it that new school look along with its legendary accuracy. Taking the best design out of the WGP closet, Empire Paintball has created a super smooth, and accurate 'Cocker that players of all generations will love. All the bells and whistles are installed to make the Resurrection paintball gun live up to the beloved Autococker legacy from WGP, but with an Empire twist. Step onto the field, but not back in time, with the Empire Resurrection paintball gun in your hands.

Empire Sniper Pump Gun

Built upon the foundation of the legendary Autococker design, Empire Paintball has created the Sniper paintball gun, a new tournament level pump marker with a classic name. Bud Orr created the original Sniper in 1986, listening to Rock me Amadeus on the radio and creating the legacy that became WGP. This new Sniper incorporates the same DNA while adding the touches you expect from Empire. Cool styling, rugged reliability, and optimal performance. With the Sniper paintball gun, stay true to the past, but perform like the present.