Empire Delta Paintball Gun

The highly successful Empire Delta paintball gun line is now officially licensed by HK.  The Empire BT Delta offers you realistic milsim mechanical paintball gun, ideal for those who love the MP5 look. The Delta can be upgraded with the BT Rip Clip and the BT Ekectronic frame. The Empire BT Delta Elite pulls all the stops, and gives you all the top performance add-ons BT offers - the BT Apex barrel, the BT Electronic multi-mode grip frame, and the BT Rip Clip sound-activated, force-fed loader.

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    BT Paintball strives to create markers with a real-world look and feel. The BT Delta Elite paintball gun design is based on the worlds pre-eminent submachine gun and is the choice of many players who desire authenticity. While it looks like its straight off the battlefield, it has some advanced features that make it an awesome paintball marker.

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