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Empire Battle Tested BT-4 Combat Slice Paintball Gun


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Air Tank: CO2 or HPA Compatible

Hopper Feedneck: Universal

Barrel Thread: A5

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BT Paintball



Empire has taken their hugely successful BT-4 Combat paintball gun and given it a complete overhaul and called it the Slice. This paintball gun comes apart faster than any other with the pull of just one pin! If you break a ball in the breach of the Slice, you can open it on the field, and clean it out, under pressure, without removing your air system!


Better yet, the Slice is fully backwards compatible with the BT-4 Combat, so if you operate a paintball field and run a fleet of Combats, you can easily add the Slice to your fleet!


Break the Slice down, give it a quick clean, and be back in the game in less than one-minute. No other paintball gun comes close!




·         New Field-Strippable design. Simply remove one pin, and the BT Combat Slice paintball gun opens up for maintenance all without tools!

·         Fully-sealed design keeps dirt and debris out of your marker so you can get down and dirty without fear of dirt clogging up your bolt.

·         Perform maintenance in the field while the Slice remains under air pressure.

·         Get access to all the internals without tools.

·         Picatinny/Weaver rails make it easy for you to add all of your favorite accessories

·         Foregrip makes the Slice easier to hold and improves your accuracy.

·         Cock the Slice with the AR-15 style T-cocking handle. Lock and Load like a Navy Seal badass!

·         The trigger guard has been redesigned and made larger to accommodate gloves.

·         Electronic-ready grip frame.





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It's a good, easy to use gun, but once you get out to bigger ranges the shots are not consistent at all. Cheap and good for beginners.


      Good at first but eventually unusable

      I bought this gun a little less than a year ago. At first I loved it, I bought it as a backup gun remembering how rugged and reliable my old BT-4 guns were when I first started playing paintball about 8 years ago. Boy is this gun not like those.

      The Slice design is really cool at first. Being able to field strip the gun in less than 30 seconds is awesome. However since the receiver is split from the top and bottom and not split in half with a left side and a right like most guns, eventually your top and bottom will become a little loose and will allow too much play for your bolt. This means when the gun tries to recock itself the bolt will be pushed into the upper receiver by the sear and the bolt will begin to run away. Eventually your bolt will have so much play that the gun is unusable, like mine is now. Any time I try to shoot the gun I get about 6 shots in, if I'm lucky, and the bolt starts to run away. Do yourself a favour and just buy the regular BT combat that takes apart with allen screws like a regular gun. It will last you forever and you will not have this problem. Do not waste your money on this gun.


          great gun

          I got this gun about a year ago and I use it a lot. I've had no problems with it. its basically a rental gun without upgrades. I have an apex barrel with a stock and it improved the performance a lot. I recommend this gun for starter players and woodsball players. I also recommend getting at least a new barrel to improve your shot.

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              Empire Battle Tested BT-4 Combat Slice Paintball Gun

              Empire Battle Tested BT-4 Combat Slice Paintball Gun

              Air Tank: CO2 or HPA Compatible

              Hopper Feedneck: Universal

              Barrel Thread: A5

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