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Dye Paintball Guns Badlands paintball stocks more Dye paintball guns than any other paintball store in Canada. As the largest Dye paintball dealer in Canada, we are your best choice for the full selection of what Dye has to offer, stocking every model, and every color of the Dye DAM paintball gun and the current line of DM paintball guns.

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Dye M2 Paintball Gun

Dye M2 Paintball Gun Badlands Canada

The DYE M2 Paintball GunThe Next Generation of DYE Paintball Guns has arrived. The new DYE M2 Paintball Gun brings with it several improvements over the DM15, and some hot new features such as the huge 1" OLED screen, 5 Way Joystick and built in USB access to allow you to upgrade and customize your DYE M2 however you see fit.

Dye DM15 Paintball Guns

Dye continues to create top quality markers for some of the best players in the world with the new DM15. The DYE DM15 represents over a decade of paintball marker evolution resulting in superior performance in an incredible design. 

Dye DAM Paintball Guns

The Dye Assault Matrix (DAM) is Dye's answer to the scenario paintball gun. Based on Dye's multi-year success with the Matrix line of paintball guns, the Dye DAM takes the best of the Dye's paintball gun technology and incorporates into the ultimate scenario paintball gun. 

Dye DAM Paintball Guns

Dye paintball has stepped into the realm of mag fed paintball guns with their Dye Assault Matrix (DAM) paintball gun. With the fuse bolt technology seen in the DM series tournament paintball guns at its core, you can expect to get the highest performance from this mag fed paintball gun. Enjoy the ability to instantly switch from mag fed to a standard hopper with the proven rotating eye pipe. This gives you the best of both worlds for feeding, some players keep standard paintballs in the hopper and a load of first strikes in the mag. You can shoot first strikes fully automatic with the first strike capable 20 round capacity magazines to ensure you will be taking out your opponents from any range. The Dye DAM paintball gun is completely modular with picatinny rails so you can modify it to your style of play.
Another option available is the Dye DAM CQB paintball gun which is designed to give you peak performance in close quarter battles.

Dye DM15 Paintball Guns

The Dye Matrix (DM) series paintball guns are a product that has over ten years of product developments. The DM15 is features a hose less system and quick out the back bolt access. With an integrated Low Pressure Regulator (LPR), the DM15 paintball gun has an extremely low operating pressure of 75psi, which allows you to shoot the most fragile tournament paintballs. The DM15 is the only spool valve paintball gun in the industry with an LPR and continues to include them as the DM15 paintball gun evolves. With full wrap around rubber grips, the DM15 paintball gun is ergonomically pleasing and comfortable in the hand. The DM series has a long history of tournament championships and continues to support some of the top tournament teams today.