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Flag Raiders Red Dawn After Action Report

Written By: Team Explosions?

The day started off beautiful- the sun was shining, the air was a bit cold but once the adrenaline started pumping as we were gearing up after registration, before we knew it the morning briefing was happening and the game was only moments away. We grabbed our gear and headed out onto the field where we were met with paint flying from both sides! The American Team had our Russian Team pinned at the church and the road in front of the embassy. They had us pinned long enough that we were unable to advance forward.. they even forced an airstrike which gave us the chance to advance forward all the way to the top of the hill of their spawn, where we met up with a photographer and got some slippery action shots.

Just after the airstrike team , we decided to regroup and resupply on air and paint. Once we were all set and ready to head back to the front lines, we went back into our spawn and met up with the General and we all headed right back to the front lines where the Russians had the Americans pinned in their spawn with very little movement options. a couple of the Russians decided they wanted more action and advanced onto he Americans further which forced an airstrike against us. Team Explosions hustled back to the Church and regrouped with more of the Russian team, we pushed back to the top of the hill of the town and met face to face with the Americans, but due to great teamwork of communication and superior fire power on the Russian side we quick retook the town and again had the Americans pinned just outside their spawn.

Around noon, lunch was called and everyone headed back to the staging area for some much needed food and water. Before we knew it, the game was about to start again. We grabbed our gear, headed out to the field and started having some marker issues. After having to resort to a third back up marker that worked in the cold, we rejoined the fight. The field spawns had swapped after lunch so we were starting in the firebase.

At this point, the Russians had control of the entire field and only allowed the Americans in the church and the embassy. We had flanked to the side of their spawn which forced another airstrike against us. We fell back to a safe distance and once we had the all clear from the referees, we advanced right back to the front lines and put an end to the Americans’ advance into the town, and all the way back to the church again, where we held them for the rest of the game. 

The final battle was being set up and everyone headed back to the staging area to re-air and grab the rest of the paint. The Americans had many players quit and not play the final battle, so the Russians had some players transfer over to balance out the teams for the upcoming battle.

Just before the final battle buzzer, the Russians were once again starting at the church and the Americans were starting at the anti-aircraft guns. The alarm went and the Russians were on their way up the hill to the town. Unfortunately, they were met with half of the American force already in the town waiting for them. Many players went down, but fortunately our Team Captain Toast was able to make it to the front lines with his handy Geo2 and was able to take out a few of the Americans. He also helped pin down the rest enough for a select few Russian players to get to the top of the hill and behind cover. Unfortunately, Toast’s Geo2 started to act as a blender due to the cold. He was unable to keep the Americans pinned down and was now being pinned himself and unable to move he called himself out.

All in all, it was a great day for some winter outdoor wall even despite it being a day full of slipping and sliding due to the ice rink that was under the snow, it made for some fun times and great stories for friends and co-workers, can’t wait for next years Red Dawn 15. Until next time stay Toasty and I’VE GOT ONE QUESTION FOR YOU!! EXPLOSIONS?  


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