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A New Airsoft Grenade in Town?

Written By: Ryan McGovern

Ever turn a corner and want to blast your opponent into the next Airsoft field but think, wait a minute? I have manners! Well, look no further because the answer to that airsoft dilemma is here.

The advantage to the Master Mike airsoft grenade is that you are able to hit a wider range at a lower velocity. How the Master Mike airsoft grenade shell is able to do this is due to its lower capacity and lower velocity resulting in a close range affect that is much wider.

The big brother to this grenade is the 40 Mike airsoft grenade, so you may think “Would I really need the Master Mike?” The answer is definitely YES! The 40 Mike is great for long range  where you may need to deploy your airsoft grenade shell much sooner resulting in more travel distance. In a CQB (Close Quarter Battle) situation, you will want to use the Master Mike to reduce your BB output while also creating a wider range of spray at a lower velocity to reduce the chances of overshooting your fellow Airsofters!

With the Master Mike, you are guaranteed a range of 10 feet at a distance of 20 feet. To load the Master Mike into your Airsoft grenade launcher, it’s fairly straight forward much like the 40 Mike where you will drop the Master Mike into an available magazine slot. As for loading the Master Mike with green gas and BB’s, you will want to refer to the instructions inside the box, however, it is very much like the 40 Mike in that regard as well. What you will receive inside the box are your Master Mike airsoft grenade, a safety cap, some grenade oil to maintain your seals and last but not least, a very cool patch!

Be sure to check out our video on YouTube to see a breakdown of the Master Mike and everything that comes with it! If you can’t make it to one of our stores, be sure to click here to pick up the Master Mike as well as all kinds of other great Airsoft products!

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