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What You Need To Know: HK Army TFX 2 Loader

Written By: Elizabeth Stewart

The HK Army TFX 2 series is a brand new addition to Badlands Paintball. What makes the second generation stand out?

Ample Colour Selection

HK Army has delivered on an array of colours for the TFX 2 paintball loader including Charcoal/Black, White/Black and Turquoise/Black (Turquoise? Fancy). If you own the original TFX 1 loader, the shells are interchangeable! What does this mean? You get the opportunity to make your own colour combinations! For instance, if you have a black TFX 1 and a red TFX 2, you can now create a red and black or black and red loader (quite a few combination choices). This gives you the opportunity to match your team colours or even the colours of your favorite pro teams- Now that’s pretty awesome!


Let’s check out the external features of the TFX 2.


Speed Feed & Rain Lid

We notice right away that the TFX 2 paintball loader has a speed feed already installed in it. What’s more, if you check the package content, you will also find that HK Army has included a rain lid! This means you are saving money on paying for additional products.

When you take the top shell off the loader, the locking mechanism has not changed; the player is still required to lift the locking tab and push the button to remove it. After removing the shell, we learn that changing the speed feed to the rain lid requires no tooling and takes only seconds to complete. This toolless feature is a game changer! The tray removal is still simple as the front lifts off releasing the back. This appears to be the only thing that is the same on the tray, other than its size.


How would you feel not having to carry spare AA batteries? Well this hopper gives you that freedom! In the spring ramp, HK army has incorporated a rechargeable battery.  Well how do I know if I charged my battery, do I need another component? Nope! HK Army has thought of it all. Under the spring ramp on the bottom side of the tray you will see a small red button with 4 LED lights, this is your battery indicator. Oh, well what if I’m at the field and I don’t have access to an outlet. What then? The TFX2 battery charges with a standard Micro USB type B cable. This is the charging cable that most of us are used to using to charge our cellphones, which means you can charge your TFX 2 from any cellphone style power bank. Not only is that convenient, it’s also another money saver!

Activation Arm

On the underside of the tray we see the activation arm that has come over from the previous version. The TFX 2 paintball loader features an additional activation system called reactive eyes. The reactive eyes will see that you have a full stack of paintballs and will deactivate the motor until a shot is fired, which will then reactivate and pulse to fill the stack. This system will help when you get to the last of the paintballs in your loader, giving the paintballs a chance to settle instead of the previous version where the motor was constantly running which could cause you to miss a shot.

Cleaning & Maintenance

To clean the TFX 2 loader, the swoop stack is easy to remove. Lift the knob and give it a quarter turn to remove the top portion of the swoop stack. This gives you almost unrestricted access to cleaning your TFX 2.

The updated board is coated in a water resistant layer. This lets you play in all types of weather. It’s not recommended to run your loader under the tap but in the case of light rain during your match, you’ll be protected.

If you would like to know more please check out our video: 

If you are ready to get one of these new beauties in your setup, head on into one of our store locations or check it out at www.badlandspaintball.com

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