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What is the Krytac Kriss Vector?

Written by: Ryan McGovern 

When on the field, do you ever find your M4 Airsoft gun large and cumbersome? Do you ever find yourself docking your rifle at the loading station, only to turn to your pistol instead? Maybe you just want a different Airsoft gun that does it all but doesn’t get in your way. Let’s solve that problem by taking a look at the all new Kriss Vector airsoft gun by Krytac! As you may already know, Krytac is an industry leading manufacturer when it comes to airsoft guns. They are known for their durable build quality as well as performance. This airsoft gun is ideal for anyone who is looking to play in a CQB situation, as most indoor fields are.

Out of box, the Kriss Vector airsoft gun is constructed of a robust polymer and features a Gen two Vector style folding stock which includes an adjustable butt pad.  You will also notice that there is an orange 14mm counter clockwise threaded tip. There are also metal components such as the top and bottom rails and other important parts such as the trigger.

The hop-up unit in the Krytac Kriss Vector airsoft gun is not only the rotary style we all know and love, it’s also numbered so that you now can tell what hop-up position you want to select (given the situation you’re in of course)! The metal charging handle located on the left hand side of the Kriss Vector airsoft gun controls the hop-up door which you can also open and close by hand. That being said, let’s be honest- Who wouldn’t want to use that super awesome charging handle?

The fire selector switch is located on the right hand side of the Kriss Vector airsoft gun and features all the main firing modes, namely safe, semi and full auto. The selector switch is very crisp and responsive; you don’t have to worry about any rattling or being too loose on the field.

Another cool feature that Krytac has added to the Kriss Vector airsoft gun is that while in the safety position, the selector switch behaves like a kill switch. This will prevent any further damage from occurring.

Moving on to the battery storage, you will notice that it’s located within the grip of the airsoft gun. This is a very discrete and out of sight location to put the battery which will allow you ease of access without sacrificing the very aesthetically pleasing look of the Krytac Kriss Vector airsoft gun.

The Krytac Kriss Vector also features most, if not all of the same trademarks as its real steel counterpart. A quick change spring function can be located on the gear box of the Kriss Vector Airsoft gun. If you direct your attention to the pins that run along the body, these can be removed allowing you to pop out the gear box of the Airsoft gun from the base to make any quick spring changes necessary.

The Krytac Kriss Vector Airsoft gun wouldn’t be complete without including a very informative manual that will include instructions on how to perform some of the basic functions we have previously mentioned. You will also receive some very important accessories such as a mid-capacity magazine that will hold 95 rounds. Let’s face it, without a magazine, how will you fire your Airsoft gun? Last but not least, you will receive a piece of picatinny rail as well as the Kriss Vector adjustable iron sights.

The Krytac Kriss Vector is a very realistic, high quality and solidly built airsoft gun that is very lightweight and maneuverable for any CQB lover. This is the ideal airsoft gun for anyone who wants to move away from the longer airsoft gun and get yourself into something new!

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