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Which Empire Mask is Right for You?

Before we get into detail, we should probably start with the basics, what is a paintball mask?

A paintball mask is the most important piece of protective equipment. Paintball masks are required to meet ASTM standards & regulations to protect player’s eyes.  When purchasing a mask it is recommended to take the opportunity to try on different models in order to find the mask that fits your face just right.

Now that we know why masks are so important, let’s check out the Empire line up of masks.

First up, the Helix, Empire’s entry level mask. A lot of fields use the Helix as their rental option as it is a tough mask that is easy to clean.  The helix features a thermal lens, and non-absorbent foam which is designed for longevity as well as cleanliness. Non-absorbent foam means the mask doesn’t hold on to others peoples sweat once it has been wiped with a germ cleaning solution. The Helix also features a cut out in the foam on both sides for those who wear glasses while they play. The body of the Helix is made of a solid plastic and offers a long jaw line to protect as much of your face and neck as possible.  The strap on the back of the mask is designed to keep the mask tight and in place using non slip silicone. The Helix also features a chin strap and removable visor for safety and comfort.

Next we will look at the E-Flex. This mask is the combination of two older generations of masks, the Empire E-Vents and the JT Proflex.  At first glance you can see the E-Flex shares the same lens as the Helix. This is a nice feature giving Helix users the option to have different lenses while staying at the lower price point for the mask body and giving E-flex users more lens choices. The lower portion of the mask is where we see the JT Proflex integrated. The soft flexible plastic makes for a higher chance of a ball bouncing as well as better contouring to your unique face shape.  The E-Flex also has removable soft ears which sit more comfortably over your ears while also providing more than adequate protection. Being able to change the soft ears and soft bottom make the E-flex highly customizable. Different colours of both are available. The E-Flex foam is softer and more absorbent then the Helix and is the same foam as the JT proflex keeping you more comfortable while wearing your mask.

Last but not least, the EVS – Empire Vision System. The EVS features a very wide field of vision.  The EVS has velvet lined soft foam, comforting soft ears, chin strap for safety and the woven Empire back strap. The body of the EVS is the largest on the market giving the player the most protection available while still having the soft plastic bottoms to contour your face. The EVS is the high end mask of the Empire lineup and we leave you now to take this opportunity to go to your local Badlands store and give each mask a try. See which one fits you best and make a well informed decision on your most important piece of safety equipment.


If you need more information or would like to speak with someone for further recommendations please contact as us at help@badlandspaintball.com , start a live chat with one of our representatives or call your local Badlands store.

Also check out this video by Badlands Tech Mason to help you learn more about these masks: Click Here

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