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Commanding the Troops – The Experience of a Lifetime - Asylum Outbreak 2018

This past weekend I was lucky enough to be the commander for the Red Team (Sisterhood of Mean) at PRZ paintball. For those of you who don’t know, PRZ paintball is a field in Picton, Ontario. Located on the grounds of the previously abandoned Prince Edward Heights. Prince Edward Heights was a military and then civilian mental institution. This historic field graces its players with new and exciting experiences at every turn.

Every year in October PRZ hosts Asylum Outbreak and for the last 4 years it has been a game commanded by two female leaders. This year myself, Elizabeth Stewart of Mean Tactical Paintball and Jenny Jenn of EH? Team were afforded that honour. I was proud to follow in the footsteps of previous female commanders who had paved the way for this game to continue on.

Saturday morning, the breeze was cold but the teams were eager to get the missions underway. First things first a meeting of the generals, one last hug as friends turns to encouraging the war cries from the troops ready to start this battle.  We were given four missions to start the day along with new ones every hour. Among these missions were conquer and hold the enemy territory, plus find the red bottle caps and return them to base. This year’s game was loosely based around the Fallout series.

The next set of missions included finding our laptop batteries, hard drives and then finally our laptops. My team was able to recover three of each of these items which earned us enough points to buy our riot shield. This was a turning point as we took almost all of the field, it was fantastic! One wonderful player ran riot shield for me both days and with how hard he pushed the enemy he was awarded the red team’s most valuable player. Congratulations to Ethan of the Devils Rejects on the award and thank you for all of your hard work.

On the agenda throughout the day were “Stand Your Ground” missions and territory based capture missions. Up until the final hour these missions kept the day interesting. In the final hour the missions changed, first mission defend the slap stick closest to the Spawn, second mission eliminate the opposing general and the third and final mission of the day take your commander to hit the slap stick closest to the enemy spawn.  

I rounded up the troops including my crazy riot shield runner who defended me using just a barrel swab to fight off the enemy! Barrel Swab kills silent yet effective!  Once we had a squad we were headed for the objective. I heard through the ranks Jenny had a man on a mission to shoot me right in the head, so I made sure I had a strike team out in full force, I had to catch the elimination on camera. My troops were well organized, and focused on the missions at hand.

My squad moved like a secret service-esque task force, across the end of the field, behind Rocky Narrows Park, through to the General Hospital and to the Power Station I felt as though they were protecting the president. I was completely surrounded, guns pointed at me from all directions while Ethan fearlessly led the way, riot shield in hand. Finally, we had made it to the Power Station unopposed….or so we thought. They came from everywhere, a small team creeping along Vault 666 was the first, and they were trying to get behind us! This is when we came to the realization that they had the same mission as we did, eliminate the opposing general. We could see the Drive-In but there was nothing we could do, our best option was to retreat and protect the commander.  Slowly we retreated back to Rocky Narrows Park hoping that they weren’t behind us. At this point a vital decision was made, we sacrificed valuable commander mission points to go and make sure Jenny did not complete her mission either. With the defence squad coming to aid the players who were trying so hard to hold the Sanctuary slap stick just outside our base we were able to eliminate the opposing general and keep her from completing her mission to capture the slap stick.

As the missions ended, both team’s generals were eliminated and no destination missions had been completed. After an already amazing day, we had just one more battle before some well-deserved rest.  The final battle was slap sticks on the 50 yard line. Just when you think the troops are tired from the day you see those crazy slap stick runners come out and all you can do is support with fire. What. A. Day! The scores were still close and we were not done fighting yet. Sunday would be a new day, but for now, we feast. Nights spent around the fire at PRZ are the best. Teams who would have never had the chance to get to know each other hang out, and new friendships, bonds that can only be formed on the field of battle are forged.

Sunday morning was a slow start as some players had headed home due to the inclement weather or the drive. Some on the other hand were just slow moving from their sleeps in tents the night before (myself included). We started the day with some mini games to give everyone a chance to get out of bed and get some warm breakfast in. Rock, paper scissors determined the day’s start positions with red the victor here.

Red moves into Megaton, while blue team defends the Starlight Drive-In. With people still getting on to the field the team were well balanced. First round the attackers do not make it to the Starlight Drive-In and run out the time clock. The teams then switch sides as Blue attacks hard getting into the starlight Drive-in with only minutes to spare! Congratulations to Omega’s Curse player Liver on getting into the helicopter and also winning the Nemesis Award for being the team that was always pushing us back.

After another round of attack and defend, followed by a lunch break we had all the players the day was going to bring.  At this point we went back into the playing the full scenario game as the battle only got tougher. Blue knew they needed to make up lost ground from Final Battle the day before and they were not going down without a fight. At some points they even had us pinned in our spawn! We lost one cart push to them on the front of the building and because of this they had pushed so far ahead on the front that they didn’t have the man power to beat us behind the building at the same time.  A win on one side, a loss on the other, it happens. With Sunday being a shorter game day to give everyone the chance to get home, the final round of missions snuck up on me. Time to try to complete the General’s mission again. Here we go again! Time to head for their spawn point and see how close we can get. Second day of the scenario means we had swapped spawn points. This means I get to try the run for Sanctuary and Jenny gets to make the trip to the Starlight Drive-In. My team wasn’t letting it happen, they tried and tried but they did not make it.  I ended up in the same position Jenny did the day before, 5 feet from the objective and pop I was done.

Another wonderful day of back and forth play. You wouldn’t believe the places everyone comes from to support these great events put on at PRZ; I met a female player who was on vacation from the UK and made it part of her trip to play this event while visiting! Red had teams in from Quebec, Blue even had at least one player in from the Maritimes! Thank you for all your support players, without you, the sport wouldn’t be what it is today.

Now we get to the fun part, awards and who won…..Drum roll please!  

Awarded from the Blue Team

Most Valuable Player: Andrew De Rose - Assassins Alliance

  •          With ninja like quickness, he played the event with just pistols!

Nemesis Award – This is awarded to the team that is just that thorn in your side.

  •          The Devils Rejects

Awarded from the Red Team

Most Valuable Player: Ethan - The Devils Rejects

  •          Again, Ethan ran riot shield all day with just a barrel swab as a weapon, who needs a gun anyways?

Nemesis Award

  •          Omega’s Curse – They were the only name I heard over and over again were in the way when my players were on the frontlines.

Additional Awards

These were determined by the event’s organizer, Kyle Lecuyer, his refs and some feedback by the generals

Sportsmanship Award:

  •          Punishers - When needed they were willing to move over and support the struggling team.

Most Valuable Team:

  •          The Devils Rejects - These guys are a small team but they seem to have made a big impression at this event cleaning up with three awards!

Now for the moment we have all been waiting….louder drum roll please!

Blue Team: 25000

Red Team: 33000

Yay Red Wins!

What an amazing weekend! The players played hard, the event ran smooth, and missions went well. To PRZ Paintball, Tim Williams and all his wonderful staff thank you for keeping this amazing field up and running for all of us to get the chance to play. Also one final thank you to the players who continue to make the trip to PRZ even when it is cold and threatens to rain your dedication shows and it is amazing!




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